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Super73 presents its first electric motorcycle

November 24, 2022

Hardly any technical details of the C1X have yet been shared by Super73. On the website, interested parties can comment on the design and also register as an interested buyer.

Compact C1X

The C1X is definitely not a big motorcycle. You can see that from the 15-inch wheels. Super73 states that its weight is low. The wide handlebars are reminiscent of those of an off-road machine. The short build makes it clear that maneuverability was a priority for the designers.

Charging within one hour

Super73 reports that charging the battery to 80% can be done in less than an hour. This does not mention the capacity of the battery. Given its promised range of 160 km in urban use, it is certainly not a small one. And definitely bigger than the batteries Super73 uses in its e-bikes.

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C1X story to be continued

There is no word yet on production and delivery, but the C1X will surely be followed up if there is enough interest from potential users and buyers.