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Subsidy pot for electric cars already almost empty

April 15, 2022

Electric car subsidy

This year, Dutch people who want to purchase an electric car could make use of the SEPP scheme from 3 January at the stroke of 9:00 am: Subsidy for Electric Passenger Cars Private Individuals. For a new electric car with a tax value that does not exceed 45,000 euros, you can receive a subsidy of 3,350 euros this year. For a used electric car, the subsidy is 2,000 euros.


The SEPP scheme is still very popular. In 2020 , the subsidy pot was already empty after eight days, but then there was only 17.7 million euros in it. This year, 71 million euros is available for new electric passenger cars and 20.4 million for used ones.

Empty in four weeks

In 2022, 18,000 Dutch people already made use of the scheme for a new electric car. Only 11.8 euros is left of the subsidy pot for new EVs. If applications continue at this rate, the pot will be empty in about four weeks. Subsidies for second-hand EVs are less popular, but here too the bottom of the pot is in sight. There is still 6.8 million euros left. At the current rate, this pot will be empty in ten weeks.

Electric car subsidy 2023

People who only want to buy an electric car in a few weeks or later this year are therefore fishing behind the net. Sales of EVs will therefore probably plummet in a few weeks and only start to flourish again in the new year. The subsidy pot will be full again from 2023. The amount per car will decrease annually from next year. In 2023, the purchase subsidy for a new EV will be 2,950 euros and in 2024 the amount will be 2,550 euros.

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