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Subaru Sport Mobility Concept: the ‘WRX STI/BRZ’ of the future

October 26, 2023

Era of electrification

One paragraph, just one paragraph, Subaru writes about this Sport Mobility Concept. That paragraph reads as follows: “This concept model expresses the fun Subaru offers in the age of electrification and embodies the pleasure of going anywhere and everywhere in everyday to extraordinary environments. By driving with confidence, we can experience exciting new adventures.”

100% electric

Right. At least know this Subaru Sport Mobility Concept is a BEV (battery-electric vehicle) concept that evokes the evolution of Subaru Sport values. Technical specs are lacking, except that it is 100% electric and has all-wheel drive. It is Subaru, of course. We are curious about Subaru’s future plans.

Subaru Sport Mobility Concept
Subaru Sport Mobility Concept