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Spotted: lots of Fords

July 21, 2023

Recently, we were able to drive the new Ford Ranger Raptor. We were able to pick up the test sample at the big Ford dealership in Zaandam. It is the headquarters of the Dekker Auto Group, a company with a history dating back to 1923! That history is readily apparent in the showroom. Among the brand-new Ford models are also the requisite classics, all well-known models from the brand’s rich history. There are also not only European Fords, but also some Americans. In order of year of construction, we go through them. Ford history in a nutshell!

Ford Model T

Of course, this model is not to be missed in the collection. It is not the very first Ford model, but it is the model with which Ford – and indeed “the automobile” in general – broke through. “To be ordered in any color, as long as it’s black,” is a well-known statement about the Model T. However, that was only true for a certain period of time; it certainly came in other colors as well. Here we see a late-model Ford Model T Touring.

Ford Model A

After the Model T, came the Ford Model A. Here we see a Pick-Up version, but as with the Model T, there were numerous other variants. The registration number of this example is no longer known to the RDW, so unfortunately we have no information about its exact year of construction. Because the Model A changed little during its production period (1928-1931), the model year is also difficult to determine.

1938 Ford

In the earlier decades of the automobile, manufacturers’ model offerings were not nearly as broad as today and were often even limited to a single model. The equipment level or version determined the type name. So here we see “the Ford” of model year 1938, as a Deluxe Convertible. The registration number of this car is also no longer known, but now that design (and the marketing rationale behind model years) plays a larger role, the build/model year of the car can still be determined.

Ford Taunus Transit

The Ford Transit has become a staple in Ford’s lineup. In some countries, “Transit” has even become a generic term for vans. The first Ford Transit entered the market in 1965. The other day in Berlin, by the way, we came across a nice example of that first model generation Transit. Here we see its immediate predecessor: the Ford Taunus Transit. A van based on the technology of the Taunus passenger car. To be precise, this one is an original Dutch FK1250 from 1965, the last year of this model.

Ford Capri

What the Ford Mustang was to America, the Ford Capri was to be to Europe. Although not complete, it turned out quite nicely. If you come across a Capri these days it is usually one of the later models, but here once again we see one from the very first generation. To be exact, this is a 1972 original Dutch Ford Capri 1700 GT, so a fairly late one of the first model. It still looks like new!

Shelby GT500

We take a leap in time. In the center of the showroom, the top piece really should have been a Ford GT ’66 Heritage Edition. Unfortunately, due to maintenance, it was not present during our visit. However, the temporary replacement is certainly not bad either: a Shelby GT500 of the latest model, 2020 model year. Although Shelby is strictly a different brand, of course it should not be left out of Ford’s history.

Ford Bronco

Speaking of iconic models, the new Ford Bronco has finally made the promised crossing to Europe. In the showroom and outside yard, this Ford dealer has quite a few already on display. In (un)conspicuous dark green, a Ford Bronco Outer Banks, the somewhat more luxurious version, stands in the showroom. Outside is another dark gray one, freshly delivered and with the transport protection still on it. Also outside is a light gray Ford Bronco Badlands, the more off-road oriented version, gleaming and waiting for its proud new owner.