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Spotted: a 1969 Triumph TR6

September 15, 2023

The Triumph TR6 entered the market in 1968. The car was developed on a limited budget. Therefore, the TR6 was primarily a further development of the previous TR4, TR5 and related models. Among other things, the chassis, powertrain, doors, windshield and large parts of the body structure even matched completely. However, the well-known Karmann did design an entirely new front and rear for the car, so the TR6 still looked like a completely new model.

Triumph TR6 Specifications

The Triumph TR6 was available with only one engine: the in-house 2.5-liter six-in-line. The engine produced 76 kW (104 hp) with carburetor or 110 kW (150 hp) with fuel injection. The drive always went to the rear wheels. The transmission was four-speed manual, with optional overdrive function for all but the first gear. The later, improved version of overdrive was only for the two highest gears. With a 0-100 sprint in just over eight seconds and a top speed of 190 km/h, the TR6 delivered very decent performance for its time.

The Triumph TR6 remained in production through 1976, with really only a significant update in 1973. A subtle front spoiler was added, the steering wheel and counters behind it were changed, and the aforementioned overdrive was improved. Fuel-injected models received a different crankshaft, reducing power to 125 hp, but improving engine characteristics. Successor Triumph TR7 was already ready in 1974, so both models were delivered side by side for a while.

American career

As with the Fiat 124 Sport Spider we showed last week, the American market was the most important for the Triumph TR6. The design of the TR6 had already taken the American market directly into account, so the mandatory sidelights were simply included in the standard light units. In North America, only the carbureted version was delivered, which was actually intended primarily for that market as well. Over the years, American versions did deviate slightly from European versions, including additional rubber bumpers, different seats and additional measures to reduce emissions from the six-in-line.

A total of 91,850 examples of the TR6 were produced. Of these, 8,370 were sold in the United Kingdom; the rest were for export. Almost all exports went to North America. Fun fact: the number of Triumph TR6′ in the UK has only increased since production ceased, as many American examples were brought back to the UK over the years anyway. Some 5,300 are now said to be on British plates.

The spotted specimen

The one we spotted is a fairly early one, from 1969. In 1992, the car came to the Netherlands. Apparently the car is well liked, because the person who imported the car at the time still owns the Triumph! Car and owner seem inseparable and we understand that with such a beautiful roadster. We wish the owner many more years of beautiful, sunny miles.