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Special order: defense forces choose Opel Rocks Electric!

July 28, 2023

Army green looks surprisingly good on the Opel Rocks Electric!

Completely standard specimens of the Opel Rocks Electric are not. The cars feature a matte wrap in “army green,” even the wheels are painted this color. Also, the vehicles have Dutch flags all around. The car has also been converted, without going into detail about exactly what has been changed. The electric 45 km/h vehicles are used on the barracks grounds. So they are mainly used for moving personnel.

Success number!

The Opel Rocks-e is a success in the Netherlands. The importer has reportedly already delivered a thousand units in the Netherlands of this ‘citycar , although on paper the Rocks Electric is a moped. The Citroën A’mi and Fiat Topolino are technically identical to the Rocks Electric.

Also suitable in rural areas?

Opel, by the way, positions its electric Rocks Electric as “the perfect mode of transportation for the city,” that is, as a “citycar. found out if this Opel is also suitable in the countryside.