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Smart #1 dives under 40 grand

October 12, 2023

#1 Pro

From now on, the Smart #1’s price list begins with the Smart #1 Pro, priced from 37,395 euros. That suddenly makes the #1 5,000 euros cheaper. How is that possible? This version is distinguished by a 49 kWh battery. The more expensive variants have 62 kWh in the bottom. With the compact battery pack, the #1 Pro kicks it up to 310 WLTP miles. With the large battery pack, 420 kilometers are in the tank. Fast charging is possible with the new entry-level model up to 130 kW, while the more expensive versions can have 150 kW of charging power.

Equally powerful

Remarkably, power output remains unchanged. In the back of the #1 Pro is the same powerful electric motor with 272 hp, which means that its lower weight means it is probably faster than its brothers with the large battery pack. An official 0-100 time has not yet been released by Smart.

Dressed up thick

The lower price tag does not result in less stuff inside the #1. Like all models in the #1 portfolio, the Pro comes standard with a halo panoramic roof, faux leather upholstery, concealed door handles, ambient lighting with 64 adjustable colors, separate automatic climate control and electrically heated seats. On the outside, you will recognize it by the 19-inch aluminum rims and so-called CyberSparks LED headlights. The #1 Pro will be available in the Netherlands starting in early 2024.