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Sixth Ford GT delivered to Dutch customer

August 29, 2022

Carbon Series

A special feature of the Ford GT Carbon Series is its extra-low weight. It owes this to such innovations as lightweight wheels made of carbon fiber and a hood made of polycarbonate. The exhaust and wheel bolts are made of titanium. Without sacrificing too much comfort, the interior has been stripped of all unnecessary extras. This makes this version the lightest street-legal supercar from Ford.


The appearance of the GT Carbon Series is relatively understated. The exterior features two stripes of exposed carbon fiber with matching A-pillars. The lower body panels and wheels are also made of glossy carbon fiber. In the interior of the GT, the sills, vents and center console are finished in matte carbon fiber.

Four optional accent colors

Customers can choose from four optional accent colors for the mirror caps, center stripe and brake calipers: silver, orange, red or blue. The new owner of this car, a South Holland entrepreneur with a racing past, chose orange which he tastefully reflected in the interior finish.

“Very special to already be able to deliver six of these super-exclusive cars in the Netherlands. By the way, none of the GTs previously delivered were Carbon Series,” said Sebastiaan van de Pol, PR Manager Ford Netherlands. “We are now in the last year of production of the Ford GT. It is expected that after this one we will be allowed to deliver one more to a Dutch customer. This will bring the total of GTs officially delivered by Ford Netherlands to seven.”

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