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Road tax revenue up sharply in 2024: +7 percent!

February 8, 2024

Road tax rate

“The state expects to receive over 4.9 billion euros in motor vehicle taxes in 2024, about 7.5 percent more than a year earlier. The road tax rate, excluding surcharges (the additional provincial component of the motor vehicle tax), increased by about 10 percent. Except for Groningen and Drenthe, all provinces increased the motor vehicle tax surcharge rates.” reports CBS.

Braking effect

Just know that tax measures-think of the (partial) exemption of partially or fully electric vehicles-have an inhibiting effect on expected revenues. In 2025, battery-electric car owners will also start paying road tax, probably in the form of a quarter rate. Thus, road tax revenues are expected to increase even more in 2025.

“North Holland still cheapest despite road tax increase”


Increase in road tax

Almost all provinces are increasing the provincial portion of the motor vehicle tax, the opcent rate. The increase is greatest in North Holland, where the rate is raised from 67.9 percent to 77.4 percent. Despite this increase, North Holland still maintains the lowest markup rate of any province.

South Holland most expensive

South Holland has the highest rate at 98.7 percent. In total, counties expect to collect nearly 1.9 billion in road taxes, 4.2 percent more than in 2023. You are also expensive in Gelderland.

CBS: “In 2024, residents of South Holland and Gelderland with a 1,200-kilogram gasoline car will pay 716 euros in road tax. A year earlier, this was 668 euros in South Holland and 660 euros in Gelderland. For a gasoline car of similar weight, a resident of North Holland will pay 60 euros less on an annual basis, about 656 euros.”

Residents of Utrecht, Overijssel, Limburg, North Brabant and Flevoland pay 672 euros for a 1,200-kilogram gasoline car.


Provinces motor vehicle tax surcharge rate

County 2024 (%) 2023 (%)
South Holland 98,7 95,7
Gelderland 97,9 93,0
Groningen 95,7 95,7
Drenthe 92,0 92,0
Friesland 89,6 87,0
Zeeland 84,4 82,3
Limburg 83,1 80,6
Flevoland 83,0 82,2
North Brabant 82,8 80,8
Overijssel 82,2 79,9
Utrecht 81,9 79,4
North Holland 77,4 67,9

Rate 2024 motor vehicle tax per year, gasoline vehicle of 1200 kg

Province Amount ( euro)
Gelderland 716
South Holland 716
Groningen 708
Drenthe 700
Friesland 692
Zeeland 676
Flevoland 672
Limburg 672
Overijssel 672
Utrecht 672
North Brabant 672
North Holland 656