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Rivian EDV 700 – everything you need to know

November 14, 2022

Whence the name?

Rivian EDV 700, the name may need some explanation. The “700” represents the number of cubic feet of space available in the bus. Converted to meters, this comes out to 19.8 cubic meters. Rivian is also working on an EDV 500 and an EDV 900.

Three length variations

The concept of these two versions is identical to the EDV 700, only the difference is in the length of the vehicle. The EDV 500 is about 6.3 meters long, the 700 is 7.0 meters long and the length of the 900 comes out to 8.2 meters. The EDV 500 gets about 14.1 cubic meters of cargo space. The larger EDV 900 easily exceeds 20 cubic meters.

Rivian EDV
Rivian EDV

100,000 copies

Amazon – which owns 20 percent of Rivian’s shares – reportedly has 100,000 copies of the Rivian EDV on order. The first examples have now appeared on the road. By 2030, all of them should be delivered to Amazon. The range of the 500 and 700 comes out to about 240 kilometers. So the electric delivery vans are primarily intended for so-called “last mile delivery.

Rivian EDV

About Rivian

Rivian is an American car brand specializing in the production of electric vehicles. The brand was founded in 2009 by Robert Scaringe. So relative to other brands, Rivian is still a fairly young player. In September 2021, Rivian came out with a new model: an electric pickup, the R1T. Rivian also has the R1S, an electric family SUV. Both models are available with power outputs of up to 835 hp. The R1T and R1S are not yet available in the Netherlands.

Rivian EDV – walkaround