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Review – Yamaha TMAX Tech MAX (2022)

May 19, 2022

You don’t immediately see that upgrade with the Yamaha TMAX. The design is different but not radical. The primary forms have been preserved. It’s about details, such as the somewhat slimmer fairing, narrower double LED projector headlights and new air ducts to the left and right of the fairing. The direction indicators are also integrated in the cockpit. Just look at the differences in the pictures: on the left the previous TMAX, on the right the new one.

Digital cockpit for Yamaha TMAX

More striking is the new cockpit. The Yamaha TMAX, here in the richly equipped Tech MAX version, now has a 7-inch TFT color screen with full smartphone connectivity. The dual analog gauges for rpm and speed are gone.

Smartphone Link

On this digital screen you can see all applications of your smartphone, if it is connected. Then you can also use the navigation function on your phone. We already know it from motorcycles, but with motor scooters the connectivity is still brand new.

Joystick operation

The operation and scrolling through the menus and the functions is quite easy once you have understood the operation. The small joystick on the left of the steering wheel controls is especially useful. Works great for navigating up and down and from left to right and back again through all menus and menu structures.

Yamaha TMAX king with comfort

An extra step has been taken for comfort. The seat is a bit longer and so are the footboards. As a result, slightly larger shoe sizes also fit on the TMAX. With the previous model, the space for this was quite tight. So it is now resolved. The Tech Max is equipped with an electrically adjustable screen, cruise control and heating of handles and saddle.

smart key

You can start the Yamaha TMAX Tech MAX with the key in your pocket. This so-called Smart Key is standard. You press the central ignition/unlock button and then the start button on the right-hand side of the steering wheel. You do not need a key to open the fuel filler flap.


Engine block just as powerful

The TMAX’s two-cylinder engine has a displacement of 560 cc and produces 35 kW (47.6 hp). This means that this motor scooter can still be driven with an A2 driving license. The TMAX was already moving smoothly and it does so even more impressively. Handsome motorcyclist who knows how to keep up with the sprint from standstill to 100 km/h.

No switching: green light and gas!

You are certainly always the first to leave a green traffic light. Horsepower, pulling power and a CVT automatic transmission ensure quick response and seamless acceleration. The TMAX is also a lot of man on the highway. Even at higher speeds, it responds more eagerly than you expect. If you are used to a motorcycle, you do not immediately feel ‘short of’.

Feet on the footboards

It is completely relaxed if you put your feet forward against the sloping part of the footboard. That’s the cruiser seat. You can easily store two helmets under the saddle. There is also a small storage compartment with a smartphone holder in the cockpit.

Low center of gravity: very manoeuvrable

The Yamaha TMAX steers very easily. This is due to the low center of gravity and because the engine hangs in an aluminum frame and is not part of the drive system as you sometimes see on less powerful scooters. The TMAX has a light swingarm, like a motorcycle and is therefore more of a motorcycle than a pure scooter.

Center stand lock

In addition to a steering wheel lock, there is also an electronically switchable lock for the center stand. If it is active, no one will get it from the standard. Then a miscreant cannot just walk away with it if, for example, the steering wheel lock is not switched on. Frankly, that lockable stand would also be an idea for motorcycles.


For the price of the Yamaha TMAX Tech MAX (now from 16,299 euros) you also buy a fine and often more powerful motorcycle. If you want an extremely easy-to-control two-wheeler with plenty of storage space, comfort and protection against wind and weather, then the Yamaha TMAX comes into the picture. With the advantage that you can also drive in a nice sporty way and brake hard. Because the double brake discs at the front and the single at the rear slow down tremendously. Traction Control prevents skidding on slippery roads and you can choose from various driving modes, such as Touring (smooth throttle response) or Sport (bright throttle response). With the Tech MAX you get a lot of extra comfort with the adjustable windshield, handle and seat heating and cruise control. The functions can all be controlled with switches and the joystick on the left side of the handlebar. After a few days, the average consumption fell to a neat 1 to 21.5 and that is exactly the average that Yamaha states. Then you can go quite far with the tank capacity of 15 liters.