Review – Yamaha MT-10 (2022)

May 6, 2022

The Yamaha MT-10 has the 998 cc CP4 engine from the R1, and according to the makers that is the most remarkable power source that Yamaha has ever used for a naked bike. In its new 2022 outfit, the MT-10 has an equally brutal, almost intimidating look to match. However, an increase in the number of electronic control systems makes it possible to control the power of the engine.

New Yamaha MT-10 bolder

Place the youngest MT-10 next to its predecessor and you immediately see the compact new headlights and the wider tank, flanked by air intakes. Straight from the front, he looks like a bodybuilder tensing his muscles. The ‘twin-eye’ LED headlights stare at you maliciously from under the illuminated LED daytime running lights that complete the cool image like eyebrows.

Hoarse, rousing engine noise

When starting the engine, a hoarse, somewhat erratic rumble is heard from the titanium exhaust. Hmm, not really the standard sound of a four-cylinder in-line. Rather that of a two-cylinder and when you accelerate, the MT-10 sounds like a V4. It’s because of the CP (Cross Plane) configuration. As with the R1 and Yamaha’s racers in MotoGP, there is a different firing order than with an average four-cylinder. It is pleasant to the ear.

Almost as vicious as Yamaha R1

The engine produces 166 hp and 112 Nm of torque. The maximum power is a lot lower than with the R1 (200 hp) and the CP4 of the MT-10 also differs internally, partly because the titanium connecting rods have been replaced by steel ones. However, the power is still more than enough for the public road and the throttle response is hardly less vicious.

Lots of electronic assistance

In fact, you’ll be happy with the driver assistance when you open the throttle hard. A wheelie, even in higher gears, is always lurking. With the adjustable wheelie control, full throttle acceleration using the standard quickshifter is completely under control. Furthermore, the safety net includes traction control, slide control, engine braking control and adjustable abs. All multi-adjustable and controlled by a 6-axis IMU, so that all those systems also work optimally in bends.

User friendly?

In fact, the new Yamaha MT-10 is therefore quite a user-friendly power naked bike, with razor-sharp steering and also light, thanks to a weight of 212 kg, fully fueled. The seating position is slightly forward, so that longer driving at high speed is quite manageable. The small screen in front of the cockpit takes some wind pressure off the chest. The saddle feels quite hard.

Riding modes and power settings

Speaking of the cockpit: there you see a color display of modest size (4.2-inch) but easy to read due to the sharp display. At the bottom are the driving and power modes. Riding Mode A is the most aggressive setting. B and C provide more moderate system settings and at position D the power is limited to 100 hp. You prefer to use it in the rain. The throttle response can be determined separately from the selected driving mode with one of the four power modes.

Cruise control and speed limiter

The MT-10 has cruise control and a speed limiter as standard, which can be operated with the left hand. The braking performance is exceptionally good. The front brake with the new radial brake pump from Brembo in particular convinces with braking power and dosage. The rear brake has a supporting role as expected on a motorcycle of this caliber and weight.


The MT-10 is the robber chief of Yamaha’s naked bikes. The appearance has been matched with that of the other four MT versions. With this difference: the MT-10 has two compact headlights. The others make do with a single spotlight. The top of the range also distinguishes itself with its performance and sound. You really notice that you are out and about with a stripped-down R1 from the response to the throttle, the strong frame, the razor-sharp steering and the braking power. Oh yes, the engine sound completes the R1 experience. Against that light, the price from 17,599 euros is attractive. Especially when you consider that the MT-10 is blessed with electronic technology from the R1. A superbike for which you have to pay at least 22,799 euros. Compared to the MT-09 from 11,599 euros, the MT-10 is a lot more pricey but also much stronger, tougher-looking and a party animal.