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Review – Tesla Model 3 Long Range (2024), could it get any better?

February 2, 2024

The basics remained

Tesla: “This update brings more refinement, comfort and premium – inside and out – while staying true to the sleek, uncluttered design. We have not deviated from what has made the Tesla Model 3 a global bestseller: delivering long range and outstanding efficiency with sports car performance and handling at an accessible price.” So much for a brief introduction to this Tesla Model 3 2024 review.

Tesla Model 3 2024 design

First, a quick look at the design of the Tesla Model 3 2024 What’s different? We park the new Model 3 next to an older Model 3 for a moment. Only then do the differences become apparent! The Tesla Model 3 gets different taillights, which excel in simplicity. Looks stylish. The rear bumper is also new, with the lower edge also modified for better aerodynamics. Tesla is also fitting new wheels with lower drag. The front end looks even more sleek, with the narrow light units particularly striking. The front bumper is also more clean in design. Tesla’s goal was to reduce energy consumption even further. As a result, the redesigned Model 3 looks even sleeker.

The Model 3 is available in two new colors, Ultra Red and Stealth Grey. Ultra Red is a high-chromatic color, a kind of wine red. This color replaces Red Multi-Coat. Also new is Stealth Grey. This color replaces Midnight Silver Metallic.

TESLA MODEL 3 2024 review: old versus new! – AutoRAI TV

Interior Tesla Model 3 2024

Of course, the interior has also been updated. There it is noticeable that Tesla is opting for a more premium finish. Because admit it, with the first Model 3s, there was definitely room for improvement there. With this model, Tesla makes up for everything. The Model 3’s interior is also quieter than ever, thanks to the use of acoustic glass, improved suspension bushings in the wheel suspension, better seals and the use of sound-deadening materials. Together, they significantly reduce noise. Tesla talks about 30% reduction in wind noise, 20% improvement in road noise, 30% reduction in ambient noise and 25% improvement in impact noise.

Indicating direction

There is more news on the interior. The control levers have been replaced by steering wheel controls, with both haptic switches and physical buttons. Blinkers are placed on the left side to be accessible exactly where your left thumb naturally sits. A brand new haptic button lets you quickly turn the turn signal on or off to indicate you are changing direction. At least that’s the theory, in practice those push buttons to indicate direction don’t work too well. On the highway it is fine, very fine in fact. But on traffic circles, it causes problems every time you have to go three-quarters around. We criticized this with the Model X and Model X as well, and we weren’t the only ones. Yet Tesla also implemented them in the Model 3. We’ll just have to live with it.

Tesla Model 3 2024

New chairs

What’s next? As mentioned above, Tesla is taking the interior finish to an even higher level, using high-quality materials such as aluminum and textiles. All seats are also new, both front and rear. The front seats are now ventilated and the heated seats all around are fully integrated into the automatic climate control system as standard. The redesigned center console is clad in aluminum, offers extensive storage options and has dual wireless phone chargers. Laptops and more can be charged quickly with one front USB-C charging port and two rear USB-C charging ports, each with up to 65 W of power. Are other manufacturers listening in as well? Because this is as it should be.

Tesla Model 3 2024

15.4-inch center screen

The infotainment system works perfectly and is super fast. And believe it or not: after a few hours you can read and write with it, as everything is easily findable. The 15.4-inch center screen is the same size as before, but with more usable screen area thanks to a thinner bezel. It has a customizable UI and gets better over time with OTA updates. In the interior we also detect beautiful ambient lighting, with the continuous light strip under the windshield providing a lot of atmosphere in particular. To top it off, rear passengers now have an 8-inch display with integrated climate control, ventilation and entertainment. More will be available in the future with OTA updates. In terms of space, it is also fine, as the legroom is fine. Headroom depends on your height. At 1.85 meters tall, you can just sit up straight. Taller people are better off sitting up front.

Tesla Model 3 2024 - interior

Good sound!

Another compliment to Tesla: the sound system. Wow! What a sound. The system features 17 speakers, dual subwoofers and dual amplifiers for Model 3 Long Range and 9 speakers, a single subwoofer and amplifier for Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive. Phone calls are also now better than ever, thanks to additional and more capable microphones, for improved call quality.

Driving the Tesla Model 3 2024

In terms of driving, the Tesla Model 3 does not feel very different from its predecessor. This is not a pity, because the first Model 3 already drove excellently. The strength of the model is that it feels particularly nimble. You have the feeling of being on the road with a smaller car. And you also have an excellent sense of what the car is doing. There is an immediate sense of control, in which the fine steering also plays a major role. In terms of comfort, it is also fine, as the suspension has a very fine adjustment. Also, the car is considerably quieter. A result of additional sound insulation in the wheel wells. Tesla also applies acoustic glass.

Tesla Model 3 2024

Tesla Model 3 RWD

Tesla Model 3 Long Range (Dual Motor)

The interior looks neat.

Small notes

What is unfortunate? It is not possible to power appliances or use the Tesla battery to power your home. So no V2X and V2L functionalities. Of course, you’re not going to get the WLTP figures Tesla cites. In practice, count on 450 to 500 real miles, and you’ll be fine. In terms of driver assistance systems, Tesla is well on its way, but with the Model 3, the systems are quite fancy. It even happened regularly during our week of testing that we were driving on cruise control in a normal lane, with oncoming traffic as well. You can easily pass two cars side by side, but the Tesla thought otherwise. That one went full brake. You don’t count on this, so you’re quite shocked. So in this area, there is room for improvement.


Conclusion Tesla Model 3 2024 review

You can clearly see that this facelift of the Tesla Model 3 was about refinement of the model. What was good stayed that way. Where there was room for improvement, Tesla actually made adjustments based on customer feedback. The car feels more luxurious, is better finished, drives even better, is even more efficient and the infotainment system is even better than before. Okay, in terms of driver assistance systems, there is still room for improvement. But I’m sure with some software updates that will be fixed soon. Basically, the Tesla Model 3 is a car that will make you incredibly happy. There’s really no way around it if you’re in the market for a mid-size battery-electric car, whether you’re a private or business driver. As critical as the noises on Tesla may sometimes be, they know how to build an EV incredibly well. Something about “tall trees catch a lot of wind?

Tesla Model 3 2024

Tesla Model 3 2024

Tesla Model 3 2024 - interior

Tesla Model 3 2024

Tesla Model 3 2024

Tesla Model 3 2024