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Review – Peugeot E-308 (2024) – The finest 308?

November 29, 2023

Silent 308

Seeing it parked like this, you wouldn’t immediately think the E-308 is an all-electric car. It seems like an ordinary 308. If such a thing exists, because the model stands out quite a bit thanks to its distinct design. But appearances can be deceiving. Under the hood, the E-308 shares its technical base with the electric Opel Astra, a vehicle we tested previously.

Well-known powertrain

The powertrain is also already familiar from other models of parent company Stellantis. Think of the Opel Corsa Electric, Fiat 600e, Jeep Avenger, and even the Peugeot E-208. A 54 kWh battery pack provides a tidy WLTP range of 412 kilometers in the E-308. In practice, you get a little less far, but we know from experience that this powertrain is very efficient. During our sunny first encounter in the mountains around Barcelona, the on-board computer indicates that the fun stops after 380 kilometers.


The E-308 feels a lot smoother than its gasoline brother. Despite having “only” 156 roaring electric horses under the hood – the electric motor is up front – it feels even faster than the 225-hp PHEV version of the 308. Of course, there are no gearshifts and braking can be done on the electric motor, so you often have enough with your right foot to accelerate and decelerate the car. All this makes it the finest driving 308 you can get.

Riding modes

A Drive Mode button on the center console lets you choose from three different driving modes: Eco, Normal and Sport. With performance figures of 0-100 km/h in about 9 seconds, the car is fast enough for everyday use, although perhaps not as exciting as some other electric models. Acceleration from 0 to 50 mph does go nice and fast, making you feel like you’re driving a fast car. The steering feel is pleasant, and the relatively hard suspension seems to work well to manage the nearly 1,700-kilogram weight while remaining comfortable.

Subtle differences

On the front of the E-308, you will recognize subtle differences, such as special wheels exclusive to the electric variant. Furthermore, the car retains recognizable design elements, such as the lion-tooth in the LED daytime running lights and the revamped Peugeot logo that made its debut on the 2021 308. You can plug the charging cable into the Peugeot’s rear right side. With a fast charger, it can handle up to 100 kW of charging power. No groundbreaking payload, but it’s not bad by any means. The battery pack is not huge, so you’ll be back to 80 percent battery charge in half an hour. Home charging can be standard up to 11 kW.

At the rear, the E-308 reveals a playful nod to its electric nature with an E logo resembling a lion’s claw. Despite the electric drive, the rear end retains a traditional look, complete with faux exhausts that are perhaps a bit out of place.

Luggage space Peugeot E-308

At about 400 liters, the luggage compartment offers about as much room for goodies as the PHEV-308. For those who need more space, the E-308 SW, the station wagon variant, offers a considerable amount of luggage space. With 540 liters with seats up and nearly 1,600 liters with seats down, there is more than enough room for luggage for a long family vacation. Unfortunately, towing a caravan or trailer is not included.

Dressed up thick

Inside the E-308, we encounter a large digital instrument cluster and a centrally located 10-inch touchscreen. They are part of the standard equipment, as the E-308 is only available as the thickly dressed Allure and GT-Line versions. So-called i-Toggles add additional functionality, allowing you to set your favorite radio station as a hotkey, for example. Peugeot’s signature i-Cockpit, with a small steering wheel and tall digital instrument cluster, adds to the modern look of the interior, but will take some getting used to for new Peugeot drivers. Our tip: take a test drive first to find out if you can find a comfortable seating position behind the wheel.

What does the Peugeot E-308 cost?

The E-308 has a starting price of 43,585 euros for the hatchback and 44,875 euros for the station wagon variant. While not the most affordable electric option on the market, the combination of design, technology and performance certainly justifies the investment for those looking for a stylish electric car. Moreover, the E-308 SW is quite unique, as electric stations are still rare.