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Review – Peugeot E-3008 (2024) – Up to 700 kilometers of range!

March 14, 2024

Success number

The new 3008 may be Peugeot’s most important launch in 2024. With 1.3 million units already sold, the family car is a very important model for the French automaker. In this test, the electric variant is in the spotlight, but for those not yet ready for electric driving, Peugeot also offers a hybrid and PHEV variant of the new 3008.

New platform

The E-3008 is the first model within the Stellantis group to be allowed to use the all-new STLA Medium platform. Later, sister brands – such as Opel, Jeep, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, etc. – will also be added. – build models on this platform. The E-3008 is powered by one or two electric motors, with outputs ranging from 210 to 320 hp. The battery pack is available in two sizes, 73 kWh and 98 kWh, resulting in 525 and 700 kilometers of range, respectively. AC charging can be up to 22 kW and DC charging up to 160 kW. So neat specifications.

8-year warranty

Also (fat) fine: Peugeot offers an 8-year warranty not only on the battery pack, but also on the entire car. Under the banner of “Peugeot Allure Care,” the French brand is introducing a hefty 8-year or 160,000 km warranty period for owners of the brand new Peugeot e-3008. A comforting thought for both short- and long-term owners. And not insignificantly, beneficial for residual value. In fact, according to the French, research shows that the residual value of cars increases significantly with a comprehensive warranty program. Go figure: suppose you sell a four-year-old car, it still has a four-year warranty.

Striking appearance

In terms of appearance, the E-3008 retains the distinctive features of its predecessor, with a striking grille, unusual headlights and daytime running lights reminiscent of a lion’s claw. Aerodynamically optimized wheels come in 19- and 20-inch sizes. The sloping roofline gives the car a sporty touch, without compromising on luggage space. In fact, at 520 liters, it offers as much space as the previous 3008.

Floating screen

The interior of the E-3008 is modern and comfortable, with a Panoramic i-Cockpit that uses an impressive, floating 21-inch screen. Almost all of the car’s functions must be controlled through the large widescreen display. Through i-toggles – found on a smaller screen – you can quickly control some functions or open menus. The finish and quality of the materials used is typical of Peugeot: high level.

Solid base

The handling cannot be described as comfortable or sporty. He does not excel in either. It drives like a typical electric SUV. It gets off the ground smoothly and you feel the weight as you drive over bumps and potholes. Fortunately, this does not happen often in the Netherlands. There are several driving modes, including Normal, Eco and Sport, with Eco mode adjusting performance for more efficient energy consumption. Only in Sport mode do you have full power.

We drive the 210-hp version, which turns out to be plenty of power. Your neck won’t hurt easily if you press the gas pedal deeply, but the car is smooth enough. A quick overtaking maneuver is squeaky clean, and at the stoplight you quickly leave 70% of the gasoline cars behind you. You don’t need 400 hp for that in an EV.

Despite its firm suspension, the new Peugeot offers enough comfort for daily use, as well as for long highway trips. And long trips, you can make them with this French EV. During our first introduction, we drive the version with the “small” battery pack, as the version with 700 kilometers of range will not be on the market until later. But in the Netherlands you don’t have to wait for that if you ask us, because 525 kilometers is actually more than enough. But do you want to arrive at your vacation destination with the least possible delay, or do you drive from Groningen to Maastricht every week? Then wait a little longer for the 98 kWh variant.

As for pricing, only prices are known for now for the version with the smaller battery pack and the mild-hybrid gasoline variant. The e-3008 Allure starts at around 48,000 euros and the GT version at 52,700 euros. The gasoline variant with mild-hybrid powertrain starts at 41,640 euros.