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Review – Mitsubishi Colt (2023) – Back after 10 years!

June 9, 2023

New Colt

For the first time in 10 years, there is a new Mitsubishi Colt. It looks completely different from its predecessor. Mitsubishi has cleverly taken advantage of its membership in the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. The Japanese used the Renault Clio as the basis for the new Colt. This will allow the brand to continue doing business in Europe without having to invest millions – if not billions – in brand new European models. They will come, but we will have to be patient for that.

Smart adjustments

The fact that the Colt is actually a modified Clio is no secret from Mitsubishi. Nothing to be ashamed of, they think. Toyota, Mazda and Suzuki also regularly borrow models from each other to provide new, but especially existing customers with a new model. Mitsubishi did give the Colt some subtle tweaks to create its own identity.

For example, the grille incorporates a number of chrome design elements, which are part of the so-called Mitsubishi Dynamic Shield. We already know that design element from other Mitsubishi models. The daytime running lights have also been given their own design and, of course, the proprietary Mitsubishi logo is prominently featured.


The Colt’s interior has also undergone some subtle changes. The inside will look very familiar to anyone who has driven a recent Renault, but there are still some details that are Mitsubishi-specific, such as the logo on the steering wheel. Behind the wheel is always a digital instrument cluster. Depending on the selected trim level, it is 7- or 10-inch. The infotainment screen also comes in two sizes.


The second row of seats offers enough room for two to three children. Adults who are not too tall are also comfortable. Persons with long legs are better off sitting in the front. The luggage compartment is large enough for daily shopping and it also offers enough storage space for a weekend trip with the whole family: 391 liters. A family vacation to southern Europe requires the help of a roof box or trailer. The latter is just possible. In fact, the car is available with a retractable tow bar. You don’t often see such an option in this segment. That way you won’t be driving around all year with a visible tow bar. The eye wants something too…  


In terms of powertrains, Mitsubishi offers several options. Unlike the Clio, the base version of the Colt features an atmospheric 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine with 65 horsepower. The same block with turbo provides 90 horsepower. Then there is a 145-horsepower powertrain familiar from other models within the alliance, such as the Renault Clio Hybrid, Dacia Jogger Hybrid and Nissan Juke Hybrid. In short: a hybrid powertrain. It combines a 1.6-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine with two electric motors. One of the electric motors works in conjunction with the gasoline engine to provide propulsion, while the other acts as a starter motor and generator. This configuration enables regenerative braking, which recovers energy during deceleration.

Prices Mitsubishi Colt 2023

The new Mitsubishi Colt will come to the Netherlands in the fall of 2023. Prices will be announced by the brand ahead of the launch. In the video below, we tell you more about the new Colt.