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Review – Lancia Ypsilon (2024), does it live up to its premium promise?

July 7, 2024

Specific soil group

Who are we kidding here? Because surely you can see that this is just a Peugeot 208 or Opel Corsa? Yes and no. Above all, you need to know some background. Parent group Stellantis a specific bottom group on which the various car brands can produce their own models. So Opel has the Corsa, Peugeot has the 208 and now Lancia has the Ypsilon. Each brand has its own design, its own look and feel, but under the skin the differences are really much smaller.

Different character

And that is also reflected in this new Lancia Ypsilon. The small is completely similar to other models within the stellers The powertrains of this model can also be found, for example, in the models of Opel and Peugeot. But, of course, there are character differences. Through other software, Stellantis attempts to give a different character to a model. With this Lancia, the emphasis is on comfort, which is immediately obvious when driving this car. But there is also room for dynamism. And the latter is due to a major difference compared to the Corsa and 208. In fact, the car has front and rear track widths 24 mm wider than the standard platform on which the Corsa and 208 also stand. A specific steering and also specific suspension make this Lancia Ypsilon actually handle differently from its brothers. So to say that the Ypsilon is a 208 with a different design is far too short of the mark. The new Ypsilon feels like a different car.

Lancia Ypsilon: old and new
Lancia Ypsilon: old and new

Premium competitors of Lancia Ypsilon

And it should, because Lancia, as mentioned, is aiming at premium competitors like the Audi A1 and new MINI. These are not the least of cars. In terms of appearance, the Ypsilon really has that Italian flair edge. It is a special car to see, especially in a flashy color scheme. But then what makes this Ypsilon truly premium? Among other things, extra sound insulation in wheel arches, hood and undercarriage makes the car extra quiet. Door noise also received extra attention from the engineers. The doors sound less tinny during closing. Those little things can make all the difference, though.


Good interior ambiance is also important to evoke that premium feeling. And in that area, too, the Ypsilon is quite comfortable. A real coffee table was even considered. And the use of color is also pleasing, let alone the upholstery of the seats. Velvet! Where do you see that anymore? An important role in the interior of this new Lancia is played by SALA. SALA means living room in Italian, but in the Ypsilon it also has another meaning: Sound/Air/Light/Augmentation. The infotainment system has been christened SALA, as has the voice assistant. Which, by the way, works with ChatGPT. So you can ask him anything, including for an intro to start a video review. But you’ll also notice that when you watch our video review of the Lancia Ypsilon.

LANCIA YPSILON (2024) REVIEW: Lancia better adapt this! – AutoRAI TV

Soft topcoat?

The top layer of the dashboard is made of a hard type of plastic. Here we prefer to see a soft top layer. Still just finishes it off and fits within the premium positioning of the Ypsilon. Sitting in the back is possible, but you shouldn’t be too tall. The 208 and Corsa also have that “problem. The luggage space, on the other hand, is on the generous side with 352 liters of capacity.

Standard equipment Lancia Ypsilon

The Ypsilon is best with rich standard equipment that includes a multifunction steering wheel, electrically adjustable and heated side mirrors, automatic air conditioning and Keyless Start. In addition, every Ypsilon also comes standard with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster and a 10.25-inch touchscreen. Customers can also count on a comprehensive range of smart driving assistance systems. Standard equipment includes Lane Keeping Assist, Driver Attention Alert, Adaptive Cruise Control, traffic sign recognition, Forward Collision Warning, rear parking sensors and Intelligent Speed Assist.


The equipment of the Ypsilon LX – the second trim level – offers, on top of the standard equipment, such things as ambient lighting in the interior, an automatic dimming interior mirror, power folding exterior mirrors, 17-inch alloy wheels, dark tinted rear windows, two rear USB-C sockets and an induction charger for smartphones. Starting with the LX version, the Ypsilon is also equipped with S.A.L.A.

Versions Lancia Ypsilon
Versions Lancia Ypsilon

Lancia Ypsilon Edizione Limitata Cassina

Also available is a special Lancia Ypsilon Edizione Limitata Cassina, built in an edition of 1,906 certified and numbered copies in reference to the year in which Lancia was founded. Cassina is an Italian interior designer. This version has chair upholstery in soft blue velvet and 100% recycled fabric with “Cannelloni texture” and double stitching. The same blue also appears in the accents on the door panels, dashboard and exterior. Also notable is Cassina’s multifunctional “tavolino. This is a new design element made of bio-plastic and covered with saddle leather. In the case of this Edizione Limitata Cassina, the Ypsilon even has a power adjustable driver’s seat including massage function, heated front seats, distinctive 17-inch alloy wheels “Dark” and a special numbered coffee table. Then again, that sounds pretty premium.

Close-up of a car's center console with a circular blue leather cover with

The rear-seat interior of a car with dark blue upholstered seats with vertical stitching and headrests, with an open door on the right, exemplifies the premium promise of the 2024 Lancia Ypsilon.

Interior of the Lancia Ypsilon 2024 with a digital dashboard display, steering wheel and padded seats with blue accents. The design is clean and minimal, with an emphasis on technology and comfort, and truly lives up to its premium promise.

Electric version

The Lancia Ypsilon is available with several powertrains. Let’s start with the electric variety. This version’s powertrain consists of a 115 kW (156 hp) electric motor powered by a 51 kWh battery. This allows a range of up to 402 kilometers (WLTP, combined cycle). The battery is DC fast-charging capable of charging from 20% to 80% in just 24 minutes. That equates to 100 kilometers of range for every 10 minutes of fast charging. This powertrain fits perfectly with the Ypsilon’s comfortable character, but also has enough power reserve to provide the occasional sporty drive.

A green Lancia Ypsilon, embodying its 2024 premium promise, is parked on a sunny day in a cobblestone square with European-style buildings in the background.
A green Lancia Ypsilon, embodying its 2024 premium promise, is parked on a sunny day in a cobblestone square with European-style buildings in the background.

Lancia Ypsilon with 1.2 Turbo Hybrid powertrain

The Ypsilon is also available with a 1.2 Turbo Hybrid powertrain, consisting of a three-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine producing 74 kW (100 hp) combined with 48V hybrid technology. A six-speed e-DCT automatic transmission is standard. This engine variant can run fully electric at low speeds, such as during parking and maneuvering. This powertrain enables acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.3 seconds and a top speed of 190 km/h. This hybrid powertrain is especially nice. The electric “push” during acceleration is also well felt, especially at lower revs. Downshifting is hardly necessary. 

During the first test miles, the average fuel consumption of the Hybrid powertrain stuck at about 1:20, which means that the 1:18 this Lancia quotes turns out to be quite modest after all. The automatic transmission also shifts smoothly. Even more fun: the Ypsilon with hybrid powertrain is instinctively much lighter than the battery-electric version. Logical too, since it saves a few hundred kilograms.

An HF of every Lancia!

Lancia’s electrification strategy revolves around the introduction of three new models – one every two years. The Lancia Ypsilon will first appear as a BEV, that is, with an all-electric powertrain. According to Stellantis’ “Dare Forward” strategic plan, Lancia will introduce only all-electric models starting in 2026. The schedule is as follows. In 2024, the brand kicks off with this Ypsilon. The Ypsilon HF will follow in 2025, followed by the Gamma (also as Gamma HF) in 2026. The Delta appear in 2028. From that Delta will also come a Delta HF.

Lancia Ypsilon 1.2 Turbo Hybrid 100 hp eDCT 6 (mild-hybrid)

Lancia Ypsilon Electric 156 hp 51 kWh

Lancia Ypsilon Electric 2024 Specifications.

Lancia showrooms

There will be six Lancia showrooms in the Netherlands. Stellantis dealer Broekhuis in Zwolle appointed as the first official Lancia showroom. The new Lancia Ypsilon marks the brand’s return to Europe. From the first half of 2024, Lancia will launch a network of more than seventy new dealers in the same number of major European cities. The first countries where Lancia will return are Belgium – with 10 dealers and 13 after-sales service centers – and the Netherlands with six dealers and as many after-sales service centers. France and Spain will follow and Germany will follow in 2025.

Conclusion review Lancia Ypsilon

The new Lancia Ypsilon is truly premium on several fronts, but it could pick up some points, especially in the area of materials. The annoying reflection in the taillights – where road markings on the road surface reflect in the taillights – is also a form of an attention. Lancia has already indicated it will take this up. On the other hand, you can also describe it as character. And an Italian has to have that very character. Quirkiness. Distinctiveness. Nice and comfy. And by request, sporty. Those requirements are all met by the new Ypsilon. Of the 208 and Corsa, it is definitely the better driving car.