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Review – Citroen C5 X Plug-in Hybrid 180 (2023)

October 4, 2023

With the C5 X, Citroën has another large comfortable car in its lineup since 2021. From the beginning, the French travel car is also available as a plug-in hybrid. This Plug-in Hybrid 225 is a popular variant, as already 45% of the Citroën C5 X’ sold in Europe this year is such a plug-in hybrid. That share may well increase further, as the C5 X has gained a new, more economical plug-in hybrid model.

New: Plug-in Hybrid 180

The Plug-in Hybrid 180 is Citroën’s latest plug-in hybrid powertrain. You can also find it recently in the C5 Aircross. The number in the type name represents the system power, which is 132 kW (180 hp). That power comes from a 110 kW (150 hp) 1.6-liter PureTech gasoline engine and an 81 kW (110 hp) electric motor. Total torque is 360 Nm. Both hybrids can drive fully electric up to 135 mph.

So the new plug-in hybrid is a bit less powerful than the existing 225 Plug-in Hybrid, but it does make for a more economical plug-in hybrid version in the price list. The Plug-in Hybrid 180 is also the indirect successor to the PureTech 180 gasoline engine, which disappeared from the range at the turn of last year.

By the way, the existing Plug-in Hybrid 225 does not remain quite the same, because like the new Plug-in Hybrid 180, it is now equipped with a 12.4 kWh battery of a new generation. Thanks to the new battery, the all-electric WLTP range of the Plug-in Hybrid 225 increases from 55 to 62 kilometers. The Plug-in Hybrid 180 should be able to go just as far. If the battery is dead, it can be recharged at a public charging station in just over 1.5 hours. That’s faster than before.

Citroen C5 X made more economical

As mentioned, the new Plug-in Hybrid 180 adds a more economical plug-in hybrid model to the Citroën C5 X lineup. What’s more, the new hybrid is the most economical engine variant and thus also pulls down the overall starting price of the Citroën C5 X.

The Citroën C5 X Plug-in Hybrid 180 is available starting at 46,320 euros. The PureTech 130 gasoline engine without hybrid technology remains on offer and costs 46,400 euros. So you actually pay a little more, for less horsepower and higher consumption. If you still want the extra power of the existing Plug-in Hybrid 225, it will cost a minimum of 50,320 euros.

So unless you really can’t or don’t want to charge with a plug, the new Plug-in Hybrid 180 is the most interesting engine variant. Okay, for the road tax, the gasoline version is worth considering again, because 1,393 kg versus 1,697 kg does make a difference. Furthermore, the gasoline version has a slightly larger luggage compartment (545 versus 485 liters), but it may again tow slightly less than the Hybrid (1,050 versus 1,350 kg).

Citroën C5 X: with the C of Comfort

Regardless of the powertrain, the Citroën C5 X remains a delightful travel car, as we concluded in an earlier driving test with the most powerful hybrid. During today’s test drive, we were again impressed with the ride comfort. Citroën’s current suspension system uses so-called Progressive Hydraulic Cushions, and it really is like driving down the road on cushions. Both large and small blemishes are virtually smoothed out. At the same time, handling in corners is neatly tight and the car absolutely does not sway on bad road surfaces. A very handsome, almost perfect combination.