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Review – BMW X5 (2024) – Still the best family SUV?

October 2, 2023

X1 through X7

The BMW X5 was BMW’s very first SUV and marked the beginning of a whole series of X models. Between the X1 and the giant X7, you will find five other models, and BMW also has the XM and the iX in the SUV segment. The X5 remains one of the best-selling BMWs worldwide. The brand has now given it a makeover. Things have changed under the hood as well as inside and outside.

Arrow lighting

The headlights of the updated X5 are oddly smaller than those of the previous model. They are no less conspicuous as a result. In fact, they now have arrow-shaped elements that make up the daytime running lights. These elements also serve as flashing lights and give a pulsing effect when you use them. The grille, on the other hand, is no larger than on the previous model. Optionally, you can have lights installed in the grille that shine down and illuminate the bars. BMW describes it as “waterfall lighting. The M Sport package on our test car adds a rugged look with a black underside and sleek black air intakes.


At the rear, the designers paid particular attention to the taillights. They bear resemblance to the taillights of the new 5 Series and have a dark smoked glass, making the lights stand out. Together, the taillights create an X-shape, which is a subtle but stylish touch. This rear bumper is also part of the M Sport package on our test car and features four large exhaust outlets.

Interaction Bar

The X5 ‘s interior is dominated by the elongated screen found in all modern BMWs today. This runs the BMW Operating System 8.5, which is an impressive system, but with many menus and functions it can take some getting used to. Buttons for climate control are gone, and – like many other functions – are now integrated into the screen. A notable new feature is the illuminated Interaction Bar, a specially designed strip below the screen that we are also familiar with from other new BMW models.

V8 power

The M Sport package on the version we are testing is not just for show. Under the hood of the M60i variant is a powerful 4.4-liter V8 engine with 530 hp and 720 Nm of torque, resulting in an impressive 0-100 km/h sprint time of just 4.3 seconds. Not fast enough? Then choose the X5M Competition, with 625 horsepower. Both variants now feature mild-hybrid technology, with a 48-volt system. Whether this system really manages to tame the gluttony of the hefty V8 engine, we were unable to discover.


Want to drive really economically, without sacrificing too much power? Then choose the plug-in hybrid version: the X5 xDrive50e. It is the version you will see driving in the Netherlands. And rightly so: with an output of 490 hp, you won’t be short of anything in terms of power, and what’s more, it can drive up to 110 kilometers electrically. Of course, what makes it really attractive is its price tag of just under 100,000 euros, in stark contrast to the starting price of the M60i, which starts at 167,000 euros. Granted, the PHEV has to make do without a V8 engine, but in return you get the at least as pleasant 3.0-liter six-in-line.


All in all, the redesigned BMW X5 is a welcome evolution of an iconic SUV. With subtle exterior changes, a modern interior and hybrid technology, the X5 remains a strong choice in the SUV segment. What do we say: perhaps the best choice. In the video below, we tell you more about the updated X5: