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Review – Alpine A110 GT (2023) – The most fun daily driver today?

September 29, 2022

Alpine A110 GT

In 2017, Renault relaunched the Alpine brand. That year, the French automaker launched a modern reincarnation of the Alpine A110, the… Alpine A110. Now, five years later, it’s time for a little refresh. A great occasion to step into this fine sports coupe once again.

Design changes

On the outside, you can hardly distinguish the updated Alpine from the outgoing model. The design is almost unchanged, but there are three new versions, consisting of the A110, A110 GT and A110 S. These versions all have their own character and driving experience, and you can recognize them by a number of exterior details. We briefly list the updated A110 model lineup.


The entry-level model is the 252-hp Alpine A110. According to the French, thanks in part to its low weight (1,102 kg) and almost perfect weight distribution (44% front, 56% rear), this version is agile and dynamic under all driving conditions. Like all other variants, the A110 is powered by a 1.8-liter turbocharged engine combined with a seven-speed Getrag dual-clutch automatic transmission. The 0-100 sprint goes in 4.5 seconds. So, nothing to be ashamed of.


The absolute top model is the A110 S. In this version, the 1.8-liter gasoline engine kicks it up to 300 hp and you’re at 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds. Spicy beast thus The A110 S is equipped with a sports suspension and Michelin PS Cup 2 Connect semi-slick tires are on the option list. So with this version you can go wild on the track. On the Autobahn, too, by the way, because you can accelerate up to 275 km/h. If you want to tap that top speed, you’ll have to check the aero kit on the options list. Then you get a thick rear spoiler made of carbon fiber, of course, and you get a front splitter, which together provide about 140 pounds of extra downforce.

You can recognize the A110 S by its black chrome Alpine logos, orange brake calipers, black 18-inch GT Race wheels and S badges on the rear and door sills. A standout, then. Optional is the two-tone body color, Fire Orange with a roof finished in Deep Black.

A110 GT

Between the entry-level and the top-of-the-line version is the A110 GT. This version may be the one you want, as it combines the power of the top version with the comfort of the entry-level version. In short, it is the daily driver at Alpine. Bumps and bumps and potholes in the road are no problem for this compact sports car. He catches them effortlessly. But the suspension doesn’t budge in curves, it likes them raw. Thanks to a weight of less than 1,100 kilograms, it is an extremely agile car, which you can slam into a corner at high speed without any problems. Thanks to its low weight, you also stand still particularly quickly. In short, the Alpine A110 has all the ingredients of a great sports car.

300 hp

Thanks to solid power, you won’t be short of anything on a straight stretch, either. The Grand Tourisme sports coupe sits at 100 km/h in just 4.2 seconds. Rap enough to make the blood rush to the back of your head, but not so fast that your driver’s license will worry you. The sound experience is good too: the 1.8-liter four-cylinder mid-engine is just inches away from your ears. Put the A110 in sport mode, and valves in the exhaust system open and occupants are treated to a delicious, raucous French chant.


With a GT, you want to make meters. That’s what he’s there for. You will need storage space if you want to go away for a weekend or longer. In the A110, you have two places to put stuff. At the very back – behind the bike – you can store the bags small bags. For larger items, you have to be up front. Under the “hood” fits a rolling suitcase and another loose bag.


In the A110 GT, Sabelt sport seats keep you firmly in place and your feet operate lightweight aluminum sport pedals. The seats and dashboard are beautifully upholstered in leather with blue stitching, and the seat belts are completely blue. As it should be in a GT, the seats are not too hard. They even have seat heaters.


New technology is also present in the updated A110 models, including a new multimedia system including a 7-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity and two USB ports. Of course, you can connect your phone via Apple Carplay and Android Auto. The system can receive Over-The-Air updates, allowing the car to get new features in the future.


Real crack geeks can view real-time turbo pressure, transmission temperature, torque, power, steering angle and acceleration via the Alpine Telemetrics menu. The built-in chronograph records things like lap times on the track.

Gordon Murray is a fan

That the Alpine A110 is perhaps the nicest handling sports coupe you can get right now is evidenced by the fact that Gordon Murray, the legendary designer of several Formula One cars and, of course, the iconic McLaren F1, has the Alpine as a daily driver. He even used the model as the benchmark model for his new hypercar: the T50. He took his own Alpine apart to the last screw to find out why it handles so well. Such good PR no advertising campaign can compete with.


The A110 comes from just under 68,900 euros. For the GT, Alpine asks 79,090 euros and from 83,290 euros you get into the top version: the A110 S. There are two dealers in the Netherlands: in Soestdijk and in Hengelo. Watch the video below for our introduction to the updated Alpine A110.

Photos: YN.Automotive