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Reportage: 8 awesome motorsport Golfs in a row

July 9, 2024

Group 4 Golf GTI Pierburg

This journey begins with the Group 4 Golf GTI Pierburg, which made history in the World Rally Championship in the 1980s. And do you know Golf GTI Group A? That is the winning car of the 1986 FIA Rally World Championship. The Volkswagen Rallye Golf G60 Group A is also worthy of note. This model is known for its G-Lader supercharger.

A Golf with two engines

The only Golf equipped with two internal combustion engines is the Pikes Peak, which competed in the American hill-climbing race of the same name. Another highlight is the ultra-exclusive Rallye Golf G60 16V with an output of 210 hp. Only twelve of this model were produced.

Volkswagen Golf Rallye A59

A prototype Volkswagen Golf Rallye A59 impresses, as does the Golf GTI Clubsport S, which set a record on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife for front-wheel-drive cars in 2016. The second car – a Golf GTI Clubsport 24h – recently conquered the “Green Hell,” taking a class victory in the 24-hour race.

Golf I | GTI Group 4 ‘Pierburg’

Golf II | GTI Group A ‘World Champion’

Golf II | Rallye Golf G60 Group A

Golf II | ‘Pikes Peak’

Golf II | Rallye G60 16V

Golf III | Rallye A59

Golf VII | GTI Clubsport S

Golf VIII | GTI Clubsport 24h

Close-up of a car's racing cockpit with a complex steering wheel with various knobs and paddles, a small monitor and Volkswagen's

Close-up of a vehicle's exhaust pipe decorated with a flame sticker and patterned design with pink squares, capturing the essence of motorsport style in vivid detail.

Close-up of the rear end of a Golfs race car, featuring a large black rear wing, performance logos and a colorful patterned design on the vehicle's bodywork, reflecting the precision and flair often seen in motorsports coverage.

A race car with the number 50 on the side, a multicolored design and various sponsor logos, is parked inside on a dark background. The vibrant colors and clean lines create an impressive scene that seems straight out of a motorsports report.

A race car with a digital camouflage livery, distinctive rear wing and various sponsor logos, photographed in a dimly lit garage as a stunning piece in a motorsports report.

Close-up of a manual car gearshift with stitching and buttons on a sleek black console, with the numbers 000/400. Perfect for any Golf enthusiast or motorsports enthusiast.

Close-up of the switch area of a car with black leather upholstery with red stitching. The panel is numbered

Interior view of the rear compartment of a car with two racing seats, a roll cage and a safety harness net, indicating modifications for safety in motor racing.

Close-up of a white car with a Nürburgring circuit sticker, with a handwritten lap time

A white hatchback with graphics on the side, including the outline of the Nürburgring, is parked inside a dimly lit room. These sleek Golfs exude a motorsport atmosphere, perfect for any reportage capturing powerful vehicles.

Front view of the hood of a white Volkswagen Golfs with an image of a race track and the numbers

Inside, a white Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S is parked, angled slightly to the right. The car features large alloy wheels, a front spoiler and race-inspired emblems on the side, exuding pure motorsport elegance.

A close-up from above of the front of a silver car, reminiscent of a motorsports rally, with a modified hood with multiple vents.

Top view of a car's engine bay, reminiscent of a meticulous reportage in the motorsports world, with several visible parts, including a blue intake pipe, intake manifold and intercooler. Various cables and hoses are intricately connected by these well-maintained Golfs.

A silver Volkswagen Golf MK3 with spoiler and aftermarket rims, photographed in a dimly lit studio from a three-quarter rear view, captures the essence of motorsports in a striking yet reportage-like image.

Inside, on a dark floor is a silver Volkswagen Golf GTI VR6 with a black interior reminiscent of iconic Golfs. The scene feels like it comes from a report on classic motorsports.

Close-up of a Volkswagen DOHC-16V engine, with the valve cover, wiring and other components in detailed, well-maintained condition. This motorsports report captures the heart of one of the classic Golfs that enthusiasts love.

Close-up image of a Volkswagen DOHC 16V engine in a Golf, capturing the minute details in true reporter style.

Close-up of the 'Rallye Golf' emblem on the back of a blue car, near the taillight: a perfect snapshot for any motorsport coverage.

Interior of a vintage car with two black leather seats, a manual gearshift, a dashboard with various controls and a door panel with a handle and window controls, capturing the essence of classic motorsports.

A well-kept vintage car interior with black leather seats, a manual shift lever and a dashboard with classic controls and a cassette player, reminiscent of the golden age of motorsports.

A blue-green two-door hatchback Volkswagen Golfs is parked inside, seen from the rear passenger side. The background is neutral with minimal details, capturing the essence of classic motorsports in a reportage-style photograph.

A classic blue-green-blue Volkswagen hatchback, often affectionately called a

Inside view of the cockpit of a race car with a steering wheel, gauges and various control switches. The driver's seat is blue and the design is minimalist with exposed metal surfaces: a true tribute to motor racing.

Close-up of an exposed car engine with visible wiring, hoses and cooling components. The mechanical arrangement includes fans, reservoirs and suspension elements. This detailed snapshot captures the intricate engineering often highlighted in motorsports coverage.

Close-up of a car engine with various components and labels visible, including a

The stripped-down body with a visible frame, with the inscription

A white rally car with the inscription

Inside, a white rally car with Nixdorf Computer and various sponsor logos is parked. The motorsports vehicle has a number 9 livery and mesh-style blue wheels, representing the essence of competitive excitement.

Interior of a race car with a steering wheel, roll cage, bucket seats with harnesses, a gearshift and an arrangement of dashboard controls and gauges reminiscent of intense motor racing.

Close-up of the engine compartment of a car showing a blue Volkswagen brand engine block with various tubes, wires and components visible, capturing the essence of motorsport detail.

A blue and white Volkswagen rally car with multiple sponsor stickers and extra spotlights on the front is displayed in a poorly lit indoor environment, capturing the essence of Golfs and true motorsports excellence.

A Volkswagen rally car, predominantly white with blue accents, with sponsor stickers from Castrol, Pirelli and Bosch, among others. The Golfs classic stands proudly in a well-lit indoor environment on a dark floor, capturing the essence of motorsports with a touch of reportage flair.

Interior of a car with racing-style modifications, including bucket seats with red harnesses, a roll cage, a stripped interior and a detailed dashboard with various gauges and buttons: a true tribute to motor racing.

An open engine compartment of a car on which various parts can be seen, including blue hoses, wiring and a battery: every motorsports enthusiast's dream, perfect for any Golf coverage.

A classic rally car is displayed in a dimly lit studio, ready for a motorsports coverage. The car has a striking white, blue and orange color scheme, adorned with various sponsor logos and the number 7 on the side - a true testament to the heritage of Golfs.

Rear and side views of a blue and white Volkswagen rally car marked with number 7 and bearing various sponsor logos, parked in a poorly lit area, capturing the essence of motorsports coverage.

Close-up of the rear of a yellow-and-blue race car, with the logos of Sparco and Bilstein. In this motorsport coverage, we focus on the tread tire and detailed wheel design, capturing every nuance of these powerful Golfs.

The interior of a rally car shows two bucket seats with harnesses, a metal floor, several gauges on the dashboard, a racing steering wheel, a gearshift and a floor-mounted fire extinguisher. This arrangement embodies the precision and dedication of motorsports.

A close-up of a car engine with blue hoses, multiple wires and various mechanical components visible, reminiscent of the detailed reporter style often seen in motorsports articles.

Inside, a yellow-and-blue race car with various sponsor logos, including Pierburg and Pirelli, is on display. The car, perfect for any motorsports coverage, has a license plate that reads

A yellow-and-blue rally car with headlights on the front bumper, with the inscriptions Pierburg and Bilstein, is parked inside on a dark floor with walls and overhead beams in the background, reminiscent of classic motorsports racing scenes.