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Racing with e-bike in Ducati colours

February 12, 2022

Outstanding colours

The Super73 x Ducati features eye-catching colors with a Ducati Corse red frame. To accentuate the racing feel, Magura MT5 four-piston brakes are fitted. With 203mm at the front and 180mm at the rear, these guarantee a safe ride in combination with Blain handlebars and Trooper tires from Super73.

Ducati as a source of inspiration

The chainring bolts, pedals, fork and single-speed conversion kit all catch the eye with their gold-tone paintwork. The eye-catching anti-slip fabric with delicate red piping on the seat makes this unique creation arouse a greed. Unfortunately, there is only one copy.

Since 2016

Super73 was founded in 2016 in Southern California and serves the European market from Amsterdam. The company supplies various e-bikes, such as the Z, S, and R series. Super73 has previously designed Porsche e-bike and an all terrain e-bike with the looks of Australian motorcycle lifestyle brand Deus Ex Machina .