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Police helicopter catches Porsche driver driving 285 km/h

June 28, 2022

Bizarre speed

The Irish owner of the Porsche 911 had a nice empty stretch of Spanish highway in front of him when he decided to take a deep breath on the gas pedal. There seemed to be no problem, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, a helicopter of the Guardia Civil was hovering in the sky, monitoring the speeding driver from above. Spanish police have released the footage, which shows that the Porsche driver has the throttle right on.

Six months in jail

The speed demon works caught at 285 km/h. 165 km/h too fast, as the speed limit on the Spanish highway is 120 km/h. The Irishman was pulled over by a Spanish police officer not much later and was immediately taken to the police station in Madrid. A hefty sentence is hanging over the man’s head. Not only does he have to pay a hefty fine, but he could even face a six-month jail sentence. He is also likely to lose his driver’s license for four years in the Spanish region. So he will have to look for a new vacation destination. Germany seems to us a logical choice.