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Polestar 2 considerably cheaper: price difference of 6,000 euros!

February 8, 2024

Price reduction Polestar 2

A Polestar 2 previously had a price tag of 51,200 euros. That amount applies to a Standard Range Single Motor with a 272 hp electric motor and a 69 kWh battery pack, good for a WLTP range of 546 kilometers. Polestar is implementing an immediate price reduction of 6,250 euros. This brings the price of the model down to 44,950 euros, just enough for an individual to qualify for 2,950 euros SEPP subsidy in 2024. The price advantage for individuals thus amounts to 9,200 euros.

Polestar 2 Long Range Single Motor

The Polestar 2 Long Range Single Motor is also considerably cheaper, as much as 4,000 euros. The price of that variant drops from 55,200 to 51,200 euros. This version has a system output of 299 hp and an 82 kWh battery pack. The WLTP range is 655 kilometers.

Polestar 2 2024

Prices Polestar 2

Standard range Single Motor: 44,950 euros

Long range Single Motor: 51,200 euros

Long range Dual motor: 55,200 euros

Long range Dual engine with Performance pack: 61,700 euros

Polestar 2 2024

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