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Opel Rocks e-xtreme explores the uncharted roads

December 1, 2022

The Opel Rocks-e was developed as a compact cart for the busy city, but the electric “moped” is more versatile than you might think. Thus, we already found out for ourselves that the Rocks-e is not a bad option even in rural areas. Soon the very compact Vauxhall will also be excellent for driving through rugged terrain.

Opel Rocks-e Design Hack

Opel invited young creative talents and design students to participate in the Opel Rocks-e Design Hack. Give the Rocks-e a completely unique interpretation, was the assignment. The response was overwhelming. The jury, consisting of Florian Huettl (Opel CEO), Mark Adams (Vice President Design) and Jessica Thön (influencer and car tester), was very impressed by the many ideas and designs.

And the winner is … the Rocks e-xtreme!

Lukas Wenzhöfer from Hünfelden in Hesse may call himself the lucky winner. He studies at the University of Design in Pforzheim/Baden-Württemberg and managed to win over the jury with his “Rocks e-xtreme,” a Rocks-e as an electric “funmobile” for off-road use.

Wenzhöfer on his winning design: “The Opel Rocks-e makes it possible for young people to be mobile and enjoy an unfiltered driving experience. My concept takes those two elements to the extreme. The off-road qualities embody the feeling of freedom. Every destination is reachable. The added sportiness also promises more driving pleasure and shows that electric driving is more than just a sensible solution.”

Actual built

At the beginning of the Opel Rocks-e Design Hack, the brand promised that the winning design would actually be built. The Germans keep their word: the Opel Rocks e-xtreme is going into production! By the way, we are talking about a unique one-off; series production is obviously going a bit too far. The construction process can be followed via social media soon.