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Opel Rocks-e in the countryside, a good idea? – AutoRAI TV

October 21, 2022

Running a quick errand

Of course, we don’t know about the rest of the Netherlands, but in the area where the author of this story lives, under the smoke of Breda, a Renault Twizy passes by with regularity. Not so much in the big city, but mostly afterwards. Several locals have a Twizy on the sidewalk for a quick errand further down the road or into town. What is funny is that Renault developed the Twizy with the city in mind, but it is precisely those who live in the back of the city who have discovered the vehicle. Is the Opel Rocks-e also a suitable candidate?

Opel Rocks-e, the ultimate city car?

At least it gave us the idea, because Opel is doing the same thing with the Rocks-e. “This is the ultimate city car,” we hear the brand say. Nice Opel, but also realize that there are people living afterwards who have ears for this vehicle. The Opel Rocks-e is relatively inexpensive to purchase and thus accessible for many people to purchase as an additional vehicle. For example, for “the quick errand,” a visit to the hairdresser or getting a fries in the village down the road.

VIDEO: Driving the Opel Rocks-e in the countryside?

What about the bicycle?

Now we hear you say: what’s wrong with the bicycle? Let alone an electric bike? A good point, but by no means all people are physically capable of cycling. Or they are just lazy, that’s also possible. Whatever the situation, an Opel Rocks-e can provide the solution. Plus, you’ll be nice and dry when it rains.

Long distances, small distances?

Also, ask yourself what you are actually using your current car for. Is it mainly for traveling longer distances? Or just for those little trips to the village down the road? And what if you work only 15 kilometers away? So is that car still necessary? In other words, can’t you also get by with a vehicle like the Opel Rocks-e? It only goes 45 km/h, but still. It is an option, though. If you are open to it.

“45 km/h is quite a pleasant pace. At least you see some of the scenery”

Putting the test to the test

We tried. The conventional car remained at home. And for all the trips to the supermarket, hairdresser or relatives nearby, we grabbed the Opel Rocks-e. And that has been excellent. In fact, even with a driving range of 75 kilometers, you can do quite a few trips before the Opel Rocks-e has to go back to the charger. Charging does not take that long, either, as the battery pack is about 5.5 kWh in size, allowing the battery to recharge from 0 to 100 percent in about 5 hours. Those are acceptable times. Charging can be done at home, or at a public charging station. Then you do need a special adapter.

26.3 kilometers per day

By the way, did you know that a Dutch passenger car drove an average of 10,600 kilometers in 2021? This is slightly more than in 2020, when it was 10,500 kilometers. All this is according to figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics. If you look purely at individuals, we end up with an even lower average. In 2021, it was 9,600 kilometers. In other words, people don’t drive their normal cars that much at all. Because if we divide 9,600 kilometers by 365 days a year, you end up with 26.3 kilometers per day.

Opel Rocks-e, a full-fledged mode of transportation?

So the question we ask: would you get rid of your normal car and settle for an Opel Rocks-e? Maximum 45 km/h. Only two seats. No air conditioning. For music, you have to bring your own bluetooth speaker. So no, real luxury you don’t have. But you know what: we didn’t miss it one bit. The Rocks-e can pass as a full-fledged transportation device just fine. You even unwind in it, as 45 km/h is quite a pleasant pace. At least you see some of the surroundings.

Moped, without moped

On paper, of course, the Rocks-e is a moped and so you have to follow the rules that apply to a moped. So some roads you are not allowed on, but in the area where we drove – under the smoke of Breda – this did not restrict our freedom in any way. Occasionally we were overtaken by a car, only to join it a moment later. So at 45 km/h, you really don’t lose that much time, although on paper that seems to be the case.

More spacious than you think

Grocery shopping is not a problem either, as you have more than enough luggage space for the passenger seat. The Opel Rocks-e’s clever interior layout also makes it feel nice and spacious. Indeed, it feels like a car. And we can’t give this Vauxhall a greater compliment. Yes, the Opel Rocks-e is suitable for the city and so it is a citycar. But he also stands his ground in the countryside. That’s why we like to call the Rocks-e the ideal “polder car.

Understanding and accepting shortcomings

Those who understand and accept the shortcomings of this Rocks-e can use it perfectly well as an errand transport or for family visits, whatever the destination of your ride. Allow for a little more travel time, but you get driving pleasure in return. And lots of looks from people looking in wonder at this endearing Vauxhall. Secretly, everyone likes him.

The rules of a moped

Finally, here are some rules that apply to a moped and thus also to the Opel Rocks-e. On the carriageway, the maximum speed of a moped is 45 km/h; on a bicycle/moped path outside built-up areas, it is a maximum of 40 km/h. A speed limit of 30 km/h applies on a bicycle/moped path within built-up areas.

Road sign C15

You may drive on roads outside built-up areas, but it is wise to pay attention to the signs. In particular, road sign C15. If a road with traffic sign C15 is closed to bicycles, mopeds and disabled vehicles, you may drive a moped there, unless the moped is equipped to transport disabled people.

“Lots of looks from people looking in wonder at this endearing Vauxhall”

Road sign C9

Do you encounter traffic sign C9? Then you are not allowed to drive a moped on this road. This sign means closed to equestrians, livestock, wagons, motor vehicles that cannot or should not exceed 25 km/h and mopeds as well as bicycles, mopeds and disabled vehicles).

More to follow! has driven the Opel Rocks-e for an extended period of time. So we will get back to you soon with a comprehensive driving test including all the specifications. But we also go into detail about the cost of an Opel Rocks-e. Think purchase, private lease or finance. A separate video of that will follow. So more Rocks e-content will follow. Stay tuned. For now, here is this video in which we drive the Opel Rocks-e in the countryside.