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Online games that car enthusiasts can enjoy

May 17, 2024

In recent years, online games have boomed. Whereas this market initially focused on children and fitness, today there is something for everyone. Car enthusiasts can also indulge and play online games in which cars play the main role. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what the options are and what to look out for.

Where can you play car games online?

To play online games, you obviously need the Internet. But there are several ways to play. Perhaps the most familiar option is the computer, on which you can play through a website. The disadvantage here may be that you need a fast computer with a good graphics card as well as a fast Internet connection. In addition, many people don’t feel like sitting at a desk again after working at a computer for a day.

Another option is to use a game console, such as the PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Many games are made specifically for these types of consoles because that way you can use the controllers that come with them. However, that also means you are dependent on the manufacturer to release a game suitable for your console. Fortunately, this is actually always the case for these three consoles.

One drawback is that manufacturers regularly release new versions of consoles. That means games that have just been released often cannot be played on older consoles. Of course, that means buying new consoles to play those new games.

Which way you prefer to play is personal and the best way to determine this is to just try it out. Or perhaps you have a preference based on the size of your computer screen and that of your TV.

Online games for car enthusiasts

Grand Theft Auto Online

GTA Online is perhaps the most famous game because it attracts not only car enthusiasts but a wide audience. It came on the market in 2013 several games have since been released.

The goal is to steal cars and deliver them to a certain place. Of course, this must be done as quickly as possible, where you cross through a fictional American city. Meanwhile, watch out for police officers chasing you if you have broken the law.

The game is playable via Windows as well as on the Xbox and PlaySation. Later versions also allow you to play with multiple people at once, which obviously adds to the competitive and social element. This is something that many players appreciate.


Another option is to play fun car games on slots via computer. To do so, you need to create an account at one of the Dutch online casinos. Nice bonuses are sometimes offered here. You can check and compare this by looking at this website, for example.

The games vary by casino, but there are many slots with a car theme. Some games allow you to do a warm-up where you can collect bonuses that you can use for the real game. To add some extra excitement, check which slots offer a high probability of winning.

Some online casinos offer a mobile app on which you can play. Handy if you’re on the go and want to enjoy some nice graphics while you take a gamble.

Forza Horizon 5

This racing game is set in a fictional representation of Mexico, with different biomes and seasons. These include a jungle and a desert where sandstorms occur.

There are also occasional piñatas thrown from airplanes, which you can pop with the help of other players. This is obviously a fun element.

There are several options to choose from in terms of characters and cars. So you can replace the engine and drivetrain, install body kits and so on. There are also several game options including multiplay and mini-games.

F1, various versions

Electronic Arts has released a new version of this game every year since 2018, and F1 24 will be released at the end of May. This game can be played on a Windows computer as well as on popular gaming consoles (Xbox, PlayStation).

Owners of earlier versions will receive a discount on the next version, which is nice. Of course, each version offers new options and features. Both the graphics and sound get better in each version, something that provides a lifelike experience.

This allows you to take on the roles of various drivers and choose the Braking Point game mode. You can race on various tracks, choose what tires you drive on and determine your pit strategy. Also keep in mind the red flag, the new addition to the game that can turn the whole race upside down!


For car enthusiasts, there is plenty to choose from when it comes to playing online games. It is sometimes difficult to choose which medium to use and then you have to pick a game. We’ve listed a few popular options for you. It’s up to you to choose which one to try (first). We wish you much racing fun in advance!