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Nissan Qashqai under the knife: new looks, more tech

April 17, 2024

Design Nissan Qashqai

The new Nissan Qashqai has a fresh design. The front has been addressed to create a striking first impression. The grille is characterized by dozens of three-dimensional comma-shaped elements in high-gloss black. On the sides, the “commas” form a triangular shape from the new headlights down to a point on the side of the license plate holder. On the top version, they are finished in satin chrome. Does the new front end appeal?

The front bumper is now painted in body color and features a high-gloss black strip that runs under the license plate and then extends into the lower corners of the bumper. Below the cooling opening is a narrow decorative strip. Nissan also refreshed the headlights. Also new is the addition of adaptive high beam assist, complemented by a smaller light unit for wider and better light distribution in foggy conditions.

New daytime running lights for Nissan Qashqai

Below the main lens in the headlights, the daytime running lights consist of five smaller lenses that are the same shape as the “commas” of the grille. Interestingly, the daytime running lights now frame the headlight units, while a narrow light strip above them bears some resemblance to the previous Qashqai. The upper daytime running light element also serves as the turn signal. This works sequentially for the first time, that is, with an outward sweeping motion (depending on the version).

Nissan Qashqai 2024

Rear end Nissan Qashqai

At the rear, the design of the light units remains familiar, but Nissan has revised the layout. For example, the red light elements now consist of four individual LEDs in the same shape as the “commas” in the grille. This makes them appear to float in the housing with a striking shade of red. The lenses are now clear, making the light elements easy to see. The narrow boomerang-shaped light element at the top of the taillight unit now acts as a dynamic turn signal.

The redesigned rear bumper is now either gloss black on the higher trims or in body color on the latest trims, called N-Design. Viewed from the side, the new Qashqai offers a new gloss black finish under the doors and wheel arch surround on the higher trims.

Nissan Qashqai 2024


The new Nissan Qashqai comes standard on 18-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels are now part of the standard equipment. There are new 19-inch alloy wheels for the higher trims, as well as 20-inch diamond-cut ones. Three new body colors have been added to the Qashqai’s palette. These include Pearl White, Pearl Black and Deep Ocean. The other Qashqai colors are Fuji Red, Magnetic Blue and Ceramic Grey. All colors are available in two-tone, combined with a black roof.

New N-Design version

A new addition to the Qashqai lineup is the N-Design trim. The lower body parts under the doors and along the top of the wheel arches are finished in body color. This version is also on new 20-inch alloy wheels.

Interior Nissan Qashqai

The interior has been revised in detail to enhance the feeling of luxury. For the higher trims, there is a new application of Alcantara on the dashboard, the door panels and armrests, the central storage console and even the knee pads. A new pattern adorns the center console around the gearshift and the decorative insert between the top of the dashboard and the glove box.

Improved seat covers can be found in the top three trims of the Qashqai. Most striking is the partially quilt-patterned black leather in the top trim of the Qashqai. This while the second-highest version is endowed with a quilted synthetic leather with brown accents on the seat and shoulders of the backrest.

The seats in the new Nissan Qashqai N-Design are upholstered in black leather with quilting and Alcantara inserts. A specifically embossed ‘Qashqai’ model name adorns the area just below the headrest. In versions N-Connecta, N-Design and above, ambient lighting can be personalized with red/green/blue LEDs. On the two top trims, the LEDs are also located in the rear so that all occupants can enjoy this ambiance. The settings for this ambient lighting can be controlled from the central infotainment screen.

Nissan Qashqai 2024

Technology upgrade

The Around View Monitor (AVM) is a popular feature on the Qashqai. Also new to the AVM system is a 3D feature that allows the driver to not only see the car from above, but also to select one of eight different external camera angles to see the car from the front, rear, sides or corners. Thus, potential obstacles are even better identified. The system works in conjunction with Nissan’s Moving Object Detection system, which issues an alert when it detects a moving object in close proximity. In addition, there is a feature that allows an overview view from a low vantage point, from a position just behind the front wheels. A special feature of this view is the use of machine learning to so to speak “superimpose” the front camera image over the front wheels, creating more perspective.

Another new smart AVM feature is the ability to store frequently visited parking locations, including exact parking spots from the past – using GPS. This is especially useful when available space is tight. In addition, the innovative AVM technology can be used to safely drive onto an obscure road. A widescreen front camera is used for this purpose, which has improved views of the road from the front of the hood. As with the function to remember parking locations, pensive traffic locations can be stored in AVM’s GPS memory. This feature will automatically activate when approaching a stored vicious intersection.

Nissan Qashqai 2024

Digital TFT instrument display

The visuals on the TFT information screen behind the steering wheel have been changed. The design of the dials on the display changes to red in Sport mode, to green in Eco mode or to light gray in Standard mode – both in “Normal” and “Enhanced” display modes. A simplified display mode can also be selected for minimal distraction while driving. In this mode, only the most important information is displayed, such as the selected gear, driving mode and speed. For e-POWER-equipped Nissan Qashqai, energy flow display is now available in “Normal” display mode.

Driving assistance systems Nissan Qashqai

The driver assistance system package has been significantly enhanced to increase driver alertness and level of intervention. First, the Autonomous Energy Braking functions have been recalibrated to sharpen risk detection and respond faster in the event of a potential collision. This applies to the Front Emergency Brake, Pedestrian Front Emergency Brake, Front Emergency Brake Cyclist and Intelligent Emergency Brake functions. In an emergency stop, the brake lights flash to warn those behind. This happens when sudden high brake pressure is applied at speeds above 60 km/h.

The Emergency Lane Keep system is now automatically activated upon starting the Qashqai. The system warns of lane departure and prevents unconscious lane departure at speeds above 60 km/h – if the driver fails to indicate direction. This is done via a vibration in the steering wheel when the system detects that the car is getting too close to the center lines or the side of the road.

The Intelligent Speed Assistance system has been improved. It signals the current speed limit by using both a camera to read road signs with speed limits as well as through GPS data. A flashing icon alerts the driver when the speed limit is exceeded. If the speed is not slowed down enough, an alarm signal is also issued.

New for the updated Qashqai is the ability to customize driver assistance. This allows the precise level of intervention of the various assistive technologies to be set.

Nissan Qashqai 2024

Google Automated Services integrated

The updated Qashqai is the first Nissan for Europe to feature Google’s online services as part of the Nissan Connect infotainment system. These provide an almost seamless interaction between the user’s digital life and the car. The updated Qashqai now has Google Maps as standard that, once logged in with a personal Google Account, allows drivers to access their favorite locations and points of interest. This reduces dependence on a cell phone and mobile network. Updates over-the-air ensure that map information is always current.

Google Assistant allows the driver to access numerous functions, services and information via voice. After the command “Hey Google,” it is possible, for example, to operate the climate control, seat heater and windshield or to navigate to the next destination.

Powertrain e-POWER also off the mark again

The e-POWER powertrain appeared in 2022. This powertrain, in which a gasoline engine generates electricity for propulsion, is a simpler solution than traditional hybrids. Of particular note is that there is no gearbox. The wheels are driven directly by the electric motor. The sole role of the turbocharged three-cylinder engine – with variable compression ratio technology – is to generate electricity, which is sent through the inverter to either the 140 kW electric motor or the 1.8 kWh battery (or both, depending on the driving scenario). The fuel engine works quietly in the background to provide the necessary charge to the battery and energy to the electric motor. This results in instant power and linear throttle response, similar to the driving feel of an all-electric car but without the need to recharge. The system can also recover energy during braking or coasting to recharge the battery. Nissan has sold more than 100,000 e-POWER vehicles in Europe since its launch.

Market launch

The redesigned Qasqai now goes into production at the Nissan Sunderland Plant, where more than 1.3 million units have now been produced since 2007. The Qashqai is now the most produced model in Sunderland. Last summer, the 11 millionth Nissan rolled off the assembly line there since production began in 1986. Information about the Dutch market launch will follow at a later stage.

Nissan Qashqai 2024