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New Renault 5 is a driving power outlet

June 13, 2023


Renault announces that the upcoming Renault 5 features V2G technology. V2G stands for vehicle-to-grid (“car-to-electricity grid”). This not only allows the battery of a car to be charged, but also allows energy to be extracted from the battery to be utilized for domestic use, for example. This is especially effective during peak times, when energy is relatively expensive due to high demand. Charging the car, in turn, takes place during off-peak hours, when electricity is cheaper.

Just the beginning

The future 100% electric Renault 5 is the first of a series of new Renault models to be equipped with a two-way charger. Besides allowing V2G technology to supply electricity to the grid, the bi-directional charger can also be used to power electrical devices thanks to V2L (Vehicle-to-Load). With a special adapter designed by Renault that plugs into the charging port, the car provides the same energy as a 220V outlet. Useful, for example, for an electric barbecue at the campsite or to clean the interior with a vacuum cleaner.

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