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New Ford Mustang growls eagerly

September 7, 2022

2023 Ford Mustang

In a week’s time, Ford will introduce the new Mustang to the world. The unveiling will take place in downtown Detroit, during the Detroit Auto show. Where else? Few details are known yet, but a teaser campaign for the highly anticipated model is now underway.

Is it electric?

In case you’re wondering if the new Mustang will be all-electric: the answer is no. A sound teaser, therefore, would not have been a smart idea. In an audio clip Ford threw into the world today, we hear a howling V8 in action. In the excerpt – which you can listen to in the video below this text – you can hear how an eager gasoline engine is pushed high into the revs. All gears are covered. This appears to be an automatic version, although it could also be a manual. In fact, Ford has confirmed that a bucket in which you can stir yourself will be available. September 14, we’ll tell you all the details.