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Motorcycle sales through the roof

November 3, 2023

Last month, 25.3% more new motorcycles were registered (990 units) than in October 2022 (790 units). With that hefty plus, the upward trend in motorcycle registrations will continue in 2023. A total of 16,533 motorcycles have been registered so far this year, where in 2022 through October the number remained at 14,341 (+15.3%). This is reported by the RAI Association and BOVAG.

Commuters discover motorcycle

“There are several explanations for the increasing popularity of the motorcycle. For example, it seems that more and more commuters are discovering motorcycles as an alternative to cars or public transportation. The number of young people getting their motorcycle license is also on the rise. And of course, for more and more Dutch people, motorcycling is just pure relaxation,” says Martijn van Eikenhorst, section manager Motorbikes at RAI Association.

Top 3 brands of October 2023

  1. Yamaha (163 registrations, 16.5% market share)
  2. BMW (135 registrations, 13.6% market share)
  3. Kawasaki (128 registrations, 12.9% market share)

Top 3 models of October 2023

  1. BMW R1250 GS (47 registrations, 4.7% market share)
  2. Yamaha MT-07 ( 36 registrations, 3.6% market share)
  3. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4RR (33 registrations, 3.3% market share)