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Motorcycle insurance for beginners: Essential concepts you need to know

August 7, 2023

Third-party insurance: the basics

WA stands for “Legal Liability.” This is the minimum you should have for your engine. If you cause an accident and it is your fault, this insurance pays for the damages to the other party, including their medical expenses.

Casco insurance: level up

Suppose you want to cover not only other road users and their vehicles, but also your own motorcycle. That’s where hull insurance comes in. This insurance is the big sibling of third-party insurance. It covers not only the damage you cause, but also theft, accidents and vandalism to your own motorcycle.

No-claim discount: claim your discount!

Did you go a year without claims? Then you will earn a no-claims discount on your insurance premium. The better you take care of your two-wheeler, the more discount you grab. This can help tremendously in keeping your premium lower!

Own risk: own up

Imagine, you have an accident(s). Before your insurance takes action, you first have to pay some of the damage yourself, which is called deductible. The amount depends on what you have agreed with your insurer.

Coverage for riders: make sure your friends are okay!

With this coverage, not only you but also your friend in the back seat are covered if something goes wrong. Medical expenses, permanent damage, and even in case something really serious happens. Safety first!

Policy schedule and terms: the small (important) print

You get a policy sheet when you arrange your motorcycle insurance. This contains your policy number, exactly what you have covered and all of your insurer’s contact information. Policy terms are also shared with you. These are all the rules of your insurance. Read this carefully before getting on your motorcycle. That way you know exactly what you are getting into.

So, that’s all you need to know as a novice motorcyclist. This knowledge will help you make better choices for your motorcycle insurance. Whether you go for third-party insurance or hull insurance with additional rider coverage, you are now ready to hit the road with confidence.