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Motor platform for safer motorcycling

October 19, 2022

The Motor Platform is formed by representatives of government, interest groups and road safety organizations. The objective of the Motor Platform is to increase road safety for motorcyclists.

Ministerial recognition

As of October 2022, the Motorplatform Foundation has been recognized by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works as an independent consultation platform where discussions can be held on the challenges and opportunities of the motorcycle in relation to road safety. This will include a spotlight on issues such as dyke riding, interplay in traffic jams, visibility, helmets, clothing and motorcycle licensing.

Road safety motorcyclists

Martijn van Eikenhorst – section manager Motorbikes RAI Association: ‘The establishment of the Motorplatform Foundation fits the road to healthy mobility that RAI Association is working on. Through structural cooperation with all parties involved, we are taking faster steps in the right direction and seizing opportunities to further improve road safety for motorcyclists.’

Members Motor Platform

The foundation has a leading group (board) consisting of the following organizations: BOVAG, FEMA, KNMV, RAI Association and VVN. This leading group will hold a meeting for all participants twice a year where campaigns and other issues will be discussed. The foundation’s funds will be used for the broad social purpose of road safety for motorcyclists.

Pictured from left to right: Wim Taal (FEMA), Martijn van Eikenhorst (RAI Association), Arjan Everink (KNMV), Cécile Collast (VVN) and Bart Stolte (IenW).