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More power for Honda Africa Twin

October 12, 2023

Honda has given the CRF1100 L Africa Twin and the even higher-wheeled Adventure Sports version a major overhaul for the upcoming 2024 model year. Performance increases and the appearance is refreshed. The underlying goal is broader employability. Read: more suitable for everyday use and especially in commuting.

Africa Twin gets 7% more torque

The 1,084cc parallel-twin primarily delivers more pulling power. Torque is up 7% to 112 Nm (was 105 Nm) and is now delivered at 5,500 rpm instead of 6,250 rpm. Power output remains the same. That is still at 75 kW (102 hp) for both Africa Twin models.

Electronic suspension and damping

Furthermore, for the Honda CRF1100 L Africa Twin Showa EERA suspension becomes available as an option. It is electronically controlled suspension and damping. Until now, this system was only available on the Adventure Sports version. The system offers five modes: soft, mid, hard, offroad and user. With the latter, you can determine the settings of suspension and damping yourself.

More asphalt focused

Striking! Honda takes a more asphalt-oriented approach with the Africa Twin. The redesigned and somewhat more aggressively shaped upper fairing gets a five-position adjustable windshield for a bit more comfort at higher speeds. Even the somewhat more off-road-oriented Adventure Sports version is undergoing a pavement-focused update. A smaller 19-inch front wheel gets it, reducing front suspension travel by 20 mm. The front tire will also be wider. According to Honda, you then experience more feedback and the Adverture Sports rides more controllably with passenger and luggage.

DCT automatic

Both Africa Twin variants remain available with the optional DCT automatic transmission. However, shifting is a bit more natural, according to Honda. The automatic takes turns into account thanks to fine-tuning of the control electronics in conjunction with the 6-axis IMU sensor that monitors the motorcycle’s inclination. Honda does not yet have prices available for the 2024 models. However, information about the updated Africa Twin can already be found on Honda’s site.