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Months of waiting for car license retake big problem

October 28, 2022

Reservation deadline for re-exam car license takes long time

The reason for the measure is that due to the effects of the corona pandemic, the average reservation time for the B driving license is still high and pass rates are too low. The relaxation means that starting Dec. 1, 2022, after failing the B license twice, a candidate will have to wait 10 weeks instead of the current 15 weeks before taking another re-examination. So you don’t have to wait as long for a re-examination car license.

Driving school owners are not happy

Waiting ten weeks instead of 15 weeks to retake the exam is also still considered far too long by driving school owners. A candidate needs to maintain his driving skills, so he will have to take additional driving lessons during those 15 or 10 weeks. But surely this is good news for driving school owners, because extra revenue? Yes, but the schedules of driving school owners are already crowded. Moreover, for his or her sake, driving school owners prefer to see a candidate succeed quickly. After all, an exam is still perceived as exciting.

Very low success rate

In addition, there is another problem: the pass rate is extremely low. CBR reports the following: “The pass rate dipped below 50 percent last week for the first time in years.”

Problem mainly in Randstad

General Director CBR Alexander Pechtold, says: “A driving test for the B driving license is a scarce commodity, especially in the Randstad. The corona pandemic has contributed firmly to this and unfortunately still does. We feel it is necessary to distribute the available space as fairly as possible and with this measure we are temporarily creating more space for exam candidates who are taking the test for the first time or have failed one time. The effect has become visible right away in the decreasing reservation time and we expect this to continue when we lower the minimum deadline to 10 weeks.”

Some have to wait as long as 15 weeks

The 15-week minimum reservation period does remain for exams that are cancelled by an examiner due to road safety. This measure can be imposed as early as the first or second exam. Every year, a driving test is aborted about 3,000 times because it is too dangerous for the examiner and other road users to complete the exam. By the way, this is also dangerous.