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Max Verstappen’s success unprecedented this season

November 3, 2022

The Dutch driver has been in the news a lot in recent weeks. Red Bull Racing would have gone over its 2021 annual budget. The boss, Christian Horner, says this is not true. The FIA is investigating the matter further and has made an initial proposal to Red Bull. Several sources indicate that an agreement has already been reached behind the scenes.

Should the FIA not crack down on budget overruns, other teams may start doing the same. The consequences should be severe enough to keep richer teams in check.

Max Verstappen is not distracted by all the commotion. He is shining in Red Bull’s car this season and has already clinched the title. Verstappen matched a record and won more awards at the GP in the United States. 

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Verstappen equals Vettel and Schumacher

Winning the United States Grand Prix brought the Dutch driver to 13 GP victories this season. This puts Verstappen in line with Vettel and Schumacher.

Michael Schumacher won 13 of 18 races and Vettel won 13 of 19. Verstappen can set a new record if he takes another victory during the last three races. He can max out at 16 wins from 22 races. Only one driver won a greater percentage of races. Alberto Ascari won 6 of the 8 races. This means he finished 75% of the races in first place.

Red Bull fastest team in pit lane

 If winning the title wasn’t enough, Perez, along with the team, bagged another award. Namely fastest team in the pit lane. Red Bull is known as the fastest team in the world in the pit lane. During the US GP, things went briefly wrong during Verstappen’s pit stop. Here the team ran out of seconds.

Perez’s pit stop did go very smoothly. Here Red Bull had a pit stop of 2.13 seconds. With this, the team was one hundredth of a second faster than Alpha Tauri.

Verstappen was not happy with his pit stop and showed it clearly. After the pit stop, he was very cynical on the board radio about the situation. One of the wheelguns did not work properly, causing the Dutchman to spend seconds longer in the pit lane. “Wonderful. F*cking Wonderful,” Verstappen echoed on the radio.

After the race, the driver admitted that he was momentarily stricken by the pit stop. He dropped a few places, but managed to work his way all the way back to first place. He finds the GP in the United States a delightful circuit.