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Mash Black Side: brand new classic

September 28, 2022

The Mash Black Side is the first complete sidecar in years that you can buy brand new and is also affordable. 11,499 euros it costs and then you have a very authentic looking span. Brand new but following a classic formula: a motorcycle with a sidecar attached.

Sidecar tray has been there for years

So far you could still buy sidecars but then the tray and that was then expertly attached to your bike by the supplier. That one also underwent the necessary modifications, such as mounting a special frame and car tires. EML in Neede, Netherlands, specializes in this.

Mash Five Hunderd plus span

For the Black Side, Mash outfitted his Five Hunderd 400cc motorcycle with a classically lined single body with a disc-brake equipped sidecar wheel (with motorcycle tire).

Based on Mash Force Side

The Black Side is based on the Force Side version in army green, which Mash previously introduced but is now available in the Netherlands. That one has a spare tire on the back of the span and a luggage rack on the front. This variant is a thousand euros more expensive than the Black Side.

Swing arm front fork

For sidecar mounting, the Five Hunderd motorcycle is equipped with a swing arm front fork for precise, light and stable steering, and the bike now has a reverse gear.

Black paint with striping

The Black Side has glossy black paint with gray stripes. The tank has a capacity of 13 liters and the sidecar combination as a whole weighs 317 kg. The single-cylinder engine delivers 21 kW (28 hp). With this ability, the Black Side will perform masterfully and be controllable.

Manageable performance.

Top speed is not mentioned, but we’re guessing it won’t be much higher than the daytime speed limit on Dutch highways.

The Mash Black Side will be on the market in limited edition starting in the second half of September 2022.