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Make sure you buy the right battery for your motorcycle and replace it on time to avoid problems!

May 9, 2022

What does a motorcycle battery do?

A battery is the heart of a motorcycle, but what is the battery all about? A battery supplies power to anything that needs power. So think of the starter motor, ignition, but also all other power consumers, such as your horn and lamps. Fortunately, you cannot drive without a battery, because otherwise you would be a great danger on the road.

How do you know which battery to buy?

There are different types of batteries:

You have a number of things about your battery at your disposal. Think of the size of the battery, the capacity and the possible pole position. When you buy a battery, it is often described for which type of motorcycle it is suitable. Think of a scooter, motorcycle or other type of vehicle such as a quad. Batteries don’t necessarily have to be expensive. If an inexpensive motorcycle battery meets the specifications of your vehicle, this is also good.

Batteries of the brand Yuasa

This heading is specifically about Yuasa batteries , but there are more suitable batteries. The range of these batteries varies from 35 to 100 Ah (Ampere hours). These batteries are acidic and fully charged. This means you only have to mount the battery and drive away. These batteries can also hold their charge for a long time. This means that you can purchase a battery and leave it for a while before mounting it. When maintaining these batteries you still have to pay attention to the power supply. This is therefore the same as with other maintenance-free batteries. Good luck with your battery replacement and wish you a safe journey!