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Lotus launches new sales and service network in the Netherlands

June 5, 2023

Lotus Houten

The new Lotus outlets will simultaneously debut the Lotus Eletre hyper-SUV, which will hit showrooms in the Netherlands in late June. Within the new Lotus network, Lotus Houten is located at the location where the Lotus brand was previously represented for many years by Van der Kooi Sportscars. Lotus Houten is a completely separate branch of Lotus Cars Netherlands, which is responsible for the sale of new Lotus models in Houten itself.

Lotus Houten

What about Van der Kooi Sportscars?

Van der Kooi Sportscars continues to operate at the same location as a service partner and authorized repairer, as well as providing sales of young used Lotus models. Lotus Houten is currently under renovation and (re)opens its doors officially on June 29.

Hedin Automotive

To achieve a nationwide network for the fast-growing lineup of Lotus models, Lotus Cars Nederland – whose headquarters, like the headquarters of Lotus Cars Europe, is located along the A4 in Amsterdam – recently appointed Hedin Automotive as the official sales agent and authorized repairer for the Netherlands. Starting in June, Hedin Automotive will represent the brand as a retail and service partner from the Lotus Amstelveen and Lotus Veghel branches. A third location in the Rotterdam region will eventually follow. “For Hedin Automotive, Lotus is a wonderful addition to the brand palette. Our branches in Amstelveen and Veghel – and later also in the Rotterdam region – are ideally located to serve future customers nationwide,” said Eddy Haesendonck, CEO of Hedin Automotive Benelux.

Concept in the Netherlands

Lotus Cars Netherlands is pleased with the launch of the new Lotus network in the Netherlands. “Under Van der Kooi Sportscars, Lotus has become a household name in the Netherlands over the past decades. Based on the Emira sports car and Evija hypercar, we are now launching a completely new all-electric model range and organization for Lotus. With Hedin Automotive, we have attracted an established and professional retail partner who will represent the Lotus brand broadly. At the same time, we are very pleased that Van der Kooi Sportscars, as a Lotus partner from the very beginning, continues to accompany us on this adventurous journey, which we are now kicking off with the launch of the all-new Lotus Eletre in the Netherlands,” explains Joost Dekkers, Country Manager Netherlands & Head of Sales Europe of Lotus Cars Europe. 

Debut Lotus Eletre

After the Lotus Emira sports car launched last year and the electric Evija super sports car, the 100% electric Lotus Eletre hyper-SUV now debuts in Dutch showrooms simultaneously with the opening of Lotus Houten, Lotus Amstelveen and Lotus Veghel. The Eletre is the first model within an all-new range of electric Lotus models to be launched in the coming years. The electric hyper-SUV can be (test)driven from mid-June at all Lotus outlets and is available from 98,690 euros.