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Kia shows three new EVs

October 12, 2023

Kia EV3

Of the three recently unveiled models, two are still in the concept phase. The Kia Concept EV3 is one of them. It is a compact electric crossover, which can be considered a scaled-down version of the EV9. The car is characterized by a forward-facing windshield and a sloping roof. Technical specifications are not yet released by the brand. The interior offers subtle ambient lighting and a delicately designed dashboard. According to Kia, the seats are advanced, ergonomic and made of environmentally friendly materials.

Kia EV4

The Kia Concept EV4 a is a sporty electric sedan. According to the brand, this model represents innovation. It has striking lines and a sporty look, with a streamlined front end and a dynamic silhouette. The interior of the car is sleek and spacious, with attention paid to the driver. The controls can be hidden when not in use.

Kia EV5

The Kia EV5 is an electric SUV that has now passed the concept stage. The photos show it in production form. This model also leans heavily on the design of the EV9. It is designed specifically for millennial families, according to Kia. The vehicle is based on Kia’s dedicated EV platform called E-GMP and is available in different configurations, with battery packs ranging from 64 kWh to 88 kWh. Power ranges from 218 to 313 hp. The range is not yet known.

Inside the EV5 a tidy dashboard with a large widescreen display. The interior is designed for comfort and practicality, according to the brand, with adjustable seats and massage and comfort features. The rear seat can be laid completely flat to create a sleeping area, and there is even a cooling and heating unit for drinks and snacks. A versatile, so-called Multi Table hat shelf can be converted into a table for added convenience.