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Increased number of traffic offenders taken to CBR due to unsafe driving behavior

December 28, 2023

New courses

This increase is the largely due to the introduction of two new courses on April 1 this year: the short course on behavior and traffic (LEMG) and the course on drugs and traffic (EMD). “However, the figures also show how persistent this problem is,” said Alexander Pechtold, general director of the CBR. “There is a lot of focus on traffic fatalities and campaigns, but some people still think they can participate in traffic after alcohol and drug use.

2022 2023 Difference
Driving under the influence DRUGS 5.139 5.267 128
Driving under the influence ALCOHOL 12.703 11.043 -1.660
Behavior 1.964 5.528 3.564
Other 2.446 2.287 -159
Total 22.262 24.125 1.873


The number of drivers imposed on the EMD course for drug use by 2023 is over 2,000. Since April 1, the CBR has imposed this measure on motorists caught driving under the influence for the first time. Until that date, these people had to report for further investigation. Now this only happens if drivers are stopped at least twice within 2 years for drunk driving.

Driving behaviour

The number of traffic offenders required to participate in the driving behavior course has more than doubled to over 5,500. This is due to the introduction of the LEMG, which since April 1 has been imposed mainly on speeders who were speeding for the first time at 50 to 60 km per hour, both inside and outside built-up areas. This course has already been imposed 2,275 times this year.

Christmas drinks

Pechtold stressed the importance of CBR and police efforts to improve road safety. “It is worrying that still too many people get behind the wheel under the influence and that driving behavior often leaves much to be desired. Nevertheless, we are also positive. The police are increasingly able to find their way to CBR for traffic violations. Together we continue to make a strong case for this, especially in this month when some people make the wrong choice by driving home by car or moped after a nice Christmas drink. Don’t do this!”