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Hyundai Inster: countdown to affordable EV from Hyundai

June 11, 2024

Hyundai Inster

When Hyundai unveiled the Casper, we immediately dove into the pen. We wrote an article titled “Hyundai, listen up: get the Casper to Europe!”. Well, Hyundai has listened. Because the Casper is coming to the Netherlands. Only under a different name: the Inster.


The name Inster is derived from “intimate” and “innovative. According to the brand, the A-segment model sets new standards in terms of range, technology and safety features. Hyundai is not sharing much information yet, other than a range of 355 kilometers according to the WLTP test standard. Also note the distinctive LED daytime running lights and pixel-graphic turn signals and taillights.

Other name for Europe

In South Korea, Hyundai will soon deliver the Inster as a Casper Electric. Why the car is not simply called “Casper” in Europe? That has to do with the definition of “to casper. After all, this is not a pleasant action. Among other things, it has to do with cheating. Hyundai’s marketing department thought INSTER was a much better name for that reason. More details soon, including an extensive walkaround video!

A dark scene showing a partially darkened Hyundai, with two round headlights glowing dimly in dimly lit surroundings. The scene has a futuristic, mysterious atmosphere, reminiscent of the enigmatic allure of the INSTER model.

A close-up of the taillights and a corner of a gray Hyundai, showing part of the taillight and rear window. In low light, the Hyundai appears to be in motion.

Close-up image of the left front of a Hyundai INSTER, highlighting the sleek design and illuminated headlight against a soft, blurred background.

Close-up of the taillight of a Hyundai illuminated red at dusk, showing a grid pattern of light segments and a visible part of the car's body.

A silhouette of a Hyundai INSTER electric SUV is charging at a station under the night sky, with headlights dimmed. The charging station features a glowing green indicator light, creating an atmospheric scene.

Close-up of the headlight of a futuristic Hyundai INSTER car and part of the front grille, hidden from view by abstract metal shapes in the foreground.