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How many cars will the Netherlands have in 2022?

November 27, 2022

Figures 2020 and 2021: Number of cars in the Netherlands

Curious about the number of cars in the Netherlands? In 2020, according to official figures, the Netherlands had exactly 8,939,572 passenger cars. A year later, the mark of nine million passenger cars in the Netherlands was reached. In 2021, there were 9,049,959 to be more precise.

Vehicle fleet 2022 in the Netherlands

By 2022, the Dutch car fleet in relation to passenger cars will have increased even further. As many as 9,142,277 passenger cars are on the road in the Netherlands at the time of writing. If this trend continues – that is, a growth of about 100,000 passenger cars per year – the counter will reach no less than ten million after 2030. With 9,142,277 passenger cars in 2022, the Netherlands will have one car for every 1.9 inhabitants. The Netherlands has a population of 17,590,672 this year.

Company car fleet

The complete commercial vehicle fleet also continues to grow, but here the increase is slower compared to passenger cars. In 2022, the Netherlands has 1,224,502 company cars (vans, trucks, buses, special vehicles). That’s up slightly from 2021 when there were 1,198,358 commercial vehicles registered. Interestingly, the number of buses in the Netherlands has been declining somewhat each year since 2018. In 2018, there were 10,055 buses driving around, but anno 2022 there are only 9,316. Is the bus on its way out?

These are the ratios of diesel, gasoline, electric and partial electric.