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How do you choose the best polisher for your car?

February 23, 2022

Large or small polishing machine

The size of the polisher depends on the goal you want to achieve with that specific machine. The most common size is a polisher with a 125mm or 150mm pad head. With this format you can easily polish an entire car, with which you can easily make a car shine. With a 125mm/150mm you get pretty far when it comes to detail in the paintwork, unfortunately you don’t get anywhere with the 125mm/150mm to really dot the i’s and cross the i’s when it comes to the details. For example, for a strange shape in the car, it is sometimes better to tackle it with a somewhat smaller machine, to prevent any additional paint damage. In that case, a 125mm/150mm is too coarse to properly correct the paint in a hard-to-reach spot. If you want to correct the hard-to-reach places, it’s better to take a 75mm machine, this machine is a lot more accessible in the narrow places on a car. If you really need to polish a large and flat surface, you can choose to buy an extra disc for the 160mm or 180mm polishing machine. The number of mm represents the size of the polishing pad to be used on the machine.

Expensive or cheap polishing machine

With a polishing machine it is usually the case that price is in proportion to quality. Despite that, the biggest consideration for buying an expensive or cheap machine is how often and what you use the machine for. Are you a true perfectionist who only wants the best of the best? Then it is best to buy an expensive or medium-priced polisher of 125mm or 150mm and a small expensive or medium-priced polisher of 75mm. Do you want your car to look good again for a nice amount and do you not use the machine very much? Then it is best to buy a cheap polisher of 125mm or 150mm and as an extra for the details you could consider getting a cheap 75mm (depending on the results you want to achieve and the car). If you are a real detailer and do not only do it with your own car but also do cars for others, it is best to buy an expensive polisher of 125mm or 150mm and buy a small one of 75mm.