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How big a role does online casino Netherlands play in Formula 1?

September 4, 2023

In the world of Formula One, where speed and precision are paramount, the financial engine that drives the sport cannot be underestimated. An interesting development in recent years is the emergence of online casino Netherlands as sponsors in this breathtaking sport. In this article, we dive into the finances of Formula One, examine controversial sponsorship through history, analyze the impact of legislation on online gambling and public opinion of online casinos in F1, and see if it has any effect on the online casino Netherlands culture in general.

Formula One’s Financial Circuit

Formula One, often considered the queen of motorsports, is a global phenomenon with a rich history dating back to the 1950s. The high-tech and prestigious nature of the sport makes it a lucrative industry, and the financial aspects are as complex as the engineering behind the cars themselves. Formula One’s financial circuit consists of a web of revenue streams, such as sponsorships, television rights, ticket sales and merchandising, each of which contributes to the excitement and growth of the already famous sport.

Sponsorship: The Fuel for Teams

Sponsorship is the backbone of revenue for many F1 teams. It is not just a matter of money; sponsorship also provides technical support, advanced materials and extensive marketing opportunities. In the early years of Formula One, sponsorship was mainly focused on car companies and related industries.

However, in recent years there has been a shift toward more diverse and sometimes unconventional sponsors. One of the notable trends is the increase in sponsors from the online gambling sector. With the rise of online gambling, many platforms see in F1 a perfect opportunity to profile their brand. The fast-paced and exciting nature of both F1 racing and online gambling Netherlands makes this partnership attractive.

TV Rights: Global Reach

Television rights are another crucial revenue stream for Formula One. With a global audience estimated at hundreds of millions of viewers per race, selling broadcast rights to television networks around the world is a gold mine.

Beyond traditional television broadcasts, the rise of streaming services and social media has added a new dimension to how Formula One is consumed. The sport has invested in improving its online presence, leading to additional revenue from digital rights and online advertising.

Ticket Sales and Events: The Thrill of the Race

Ticket sales are a vital part of revenue in Formula One. Fans from around the world are willing to pay for the unique experience of attending the races live. The thrill of hearing the engines, seeing the skill of the drivers and being part of the overall atmosphere is unmatched.

In addition, multiple events are often organized around the races. Concerts, exhibits and other entertainment options are part of the race weekend. This not only contributes to ticket sales revenue, but also promotes the local economy of the host cities.

The Pole Position of Controversial Sponsors

Over the years, some sponsors, with their own agendas and brand identities, have caused controversies that shake up the world and raise the ethical question of what is and is not acceptable as sponsorship within sports.


In the tumultuous 1970s, Surtees’ Formula One team was looking for sponsors to keep their operation afloat. One of the most notable sponsors who came on board was Durex, a brand specializing in condoms and lubricants. This sponsorship led to a wave of controversy. At the time, it was quite unusual to see associations between a world-class sport and a brand dedicated to contraception.

Despite the controversy, Durex’s sponsorship was seen as a turning point in approaching sponsors within Formula One. It opened the doors for other non-traditional sponsors to connect their brand with the sport, such as online gambling platforms in the modern era.

Bin Laden

The year 1979 witnessed a particularly remarkable sponsorship in Formula One when the Williams team entered into a sponsorship deal with a Saudi construction company linked to the Bin Laden family. Although at the time the sponsorship did not cause much of a stir, it later came under a magnifying glass because of the actions of Osama bin Laden.


Marlboro, the well-known tobacco brand, was a prominent sponsor in Formula One for decades. Marlboro’s iconic red and white logo was almost synonymous with the sport. However, tobacco advertising became increasingly controversial as more evidence emerged about the health risks of smoking. With the introduction of stricter regulations and laws around tobacco advertising, Marlboro eventually had to reduce their involvement in the sport.

The Green Flag for Gambling Legislation

The introduction of new legislation regarding gaming in the Netherlands was aimed at bringing transparency, accountability and consumer protection to an industry that is growing tremendously.

One of the most notable changes within this legislation is the ban on gambling sponsorship within sports. This means that sports teams in the Netherlands are no longer able to enter into sponsorship deals with online casinos. The legislation seeks to protect vulnerable groups such as young people from exposure to gambling advertisements, which can promote the perception of gambling as a harmless and glamorous activity.

On the other hand, regulation opens the door to a more responsible approach to gaming. For example, today you can gamble legally at several online casino Netherlands, but the industry will have to adapt and find new ways to establish itself in the market. There is also the expectation that online casinos will focus more on promoting responsible gambling and providing resources and support for those who may be at risk for gambling addiction.

A Collaboration at Top Speed: F1 Teams and Online Casinos

The recent trend of collaborations between F1 teams and online casinos is remarkable. These collaborations are not only lucrative for the teams, but also for the online casinos that benefit from Formula One’s huge global viewership base., a leading online casino, with a wide range of online slots in addition to traditional casino games, forged a thoughtful partnership with the Alfa Romeo F1 team. Thanks to this collaboration, the name appeared on Alfa Romeo’s signature cars decked out in their iconic colors.

Aristocrat Gaming

Aristocrat Gaming, known worldwide as a leading (online) slot machine manufacturer, has a high-profile partnership with the Las Vegas Grand Prix. The deal made Aristocrat Gaming a prominent sponsor, with their branding now spread across multiple sports, including Formula One and NFL.


PokerStars, one of the world’s leading online poker platforms, entered into a unique partnership with the Oracle Red Bull Racing Team. This collaboration represented a fusion of the exciting world of poker and the adrenaline rush that Formula One racing brings. This illustrates how the cross-pollination between online gaming and motorsports opens new horizons for brand extension and fan engagement.

The Public at the Wheel: Opinions and Responses

There are mixed reactions to the collaborations between Formula One teams and online casinos. While some see the economic benefits and synergies between the two sectors, others worry about the normalization of legal online casino Netherlands. The fast and exciting nature of Formula One, combined with the excitement that gambling can provide, can have a powerful appeal. Criticism also comes from people who disagree with the association of a fast and exciting sport with gambling. There are also concerns about the ethical implications, such as the impact on young people, who may be tempted to gamble without being aware of the risks.