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Honda MSX125 hoisted into tight suit

July 11, 2024

It may escape many a motorcycle enthusiast, but Honda is making good progress with its legendary midget engines. You may have already known the DAX, and the Honda Monkey already has cult status. For it saw the light of day in its first guise back in 1963. The MSX125, nicknamed Grom, is less well known.

Motorcycle with small wheels

Here are the ingredients of the dwarf motorcycle: it is a motorcycle with small wheels (12-inch), intended as a convenient and maneuverable means of transportation in the city. With an appearance like a fatbike, but those are e-bikes and for the Honda’s DAX, Monkey and MSX125 Grom you need a motorcycle license (A1). So you must be 18 or older to drive it.

Handy midget motors

The Honda MSX, short for Mini Street X-treme, was introduced in 2013 for a young audience. Initially, it was only for sale in Japan. Worldwide, however, interest in handheld dwarf engines is growing. So Honda has rolled out the runner for its compact models in more and more countries. Since 2018 the Monkey has been in the Netherlands, since 2022 the DAX and since 2023 the MSX125 Grom.

Style element for young people

That “Grom” appeals to younger riders with a somewhat modern outlook and for whom the digital world is the norm. So this MSX125 has been taken in hand to give it a fresh and appealing look to its target audience. Honda: “Since its introduction, it has been a hit worldwide and has been used for simple urban transportation or as a highly customized style element by its target audience.”

What’s new with Honda MSX125

The retro style of the MSX125 has now given way to a sportier look. You can see that in sharper lines and tighter panels, which are also interchangeable. Also new is the lower fairing. LED lighting makes an appearance as well as an LCD screen in the cockpit, displaying speed, RPM, acceleration, time and mileage/daily counter. You can choose from Candy Blue, Pearl White and matte Black Metallic colors for the panels and front fender.

Consumption of 1 in 66.7

The engine is a 125cc single-cylinder with an output of 9.8 hp and 10.2 Nm of torque. The same block is also in the DAX, Monkey and in the Super Cub. The moped-like two-wheeler with the distinctive leg shields that caused a furor in the 1970s and that Honda still has on the menu today, including in the Netherlands. The single-pitter is very economical. Honda quotes consumption of one liter on 66.7 kilometers.

Specifications Honda MSX125

The Honda MSX125 also has front and rear disc brakes, aluminum rims and five-speed transmission. The fuel tank has a capacity of six liters and the weight of the small engine is 103 kg. The seat height is 761 mm. The price of the new model is not yet mentioned. Expect something close to five grand, judging from the outgoing MSX125’s price of 4,799 euros.