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Home garage: here’s what to think about

October 21, 2022

Unfortunately, not every home comes standard with a garage. However, more and more people are choosing to have one built. That’s for a reason. A garage offers many advantages. Just think about the fact that with this you always have your own parking spot at home. In addition, it can also extend the life of the car and prevent unnecessary damage or theft.

Despite all these benefits, you may also have your doubts. After all, there is a lot involved in building your own garage. You want to be able to properly protect your car. Making sure it can actually take advantage of all the benefits. But then a lot of things have to happen. What all do you need to think about before building the garage? For example, how big should the garage be? How do you set them up? Is a permit necessary? You can read all about it in this article.

The right size and layout

A garage can be used for many different purposes. There are people who use this as a hobby room, turn it into a real room or indeed to store their car, motorcycle and bikes. Thus, the size of the garage depends on how it is used. But even then, some caveats are necessary.

For example, do you use the garage primarily for safe car parking? If so, at least make sure the garage is a lot(s) bigger than the car. You don’t want to build a ready-made “box” around your car. If you build the garage too small, it could potentially cause user problems. Just think of always having to squeeze yourself between the car and the wall to get in or out at all. In addition, you also want a possible larger car in the future to fit/

In addition to making sure the garage has the right space, make sure there is adequate lighting. In the form of natural light by installing windows, but also with recessed spotlights, for example. Useful when you come home or want to leave in the dark. Also nice when you also use the garage for hobbies. Good lighting is then a necessity.

Is a permit required?

A garage is considered an extension in most cases. Therefore, you will almost always need to apply for an environmental permit. This is the case for most homes. Yet not always. Sometimes you may apply for a garage without a permit. For example, if it has already been included in the building plan or because it meets previously set conditions. To find out if this applies to your situation, it is important to check with the municipality well in advance.

The right garage door

When building a garage, functionality is the most important thing. Here the garage door plays an essential role. The most commonly chosen garage doors are the roller door, up-and-over door and French door.

Roller doors are ideally suited for smaller garages. The door rolls itself up, requiring very little space. The disadvantage of the roller door is that it insulates poorly.

French doors open outward and are usually made of wood. As a result, the purchase price is often a bit more expensive. However, this material does insulate better. This makes these doors more suitable for garages that are also used as rooms.

Tilt-up doors are very simplistic and possess the lowest purchase price. They are the perfect choice for someone who wants to keep the garage as inexpensive as possible. Although the door is fine, it will hardly insulate.