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Here’s why the DS 7 says goodbye to its rotating headlights

June 27, 2022

The DS 7 is immediately recognizable by its distinctive daytime running lights. Here, the single vertical stripe of daytime running lights has given way to four vertical light points consisting of 33 LEDs. Its design is inspired by the DS X E-Tense and DS Aero Sport Lounge. A special feature is that the laser-etched polycarbonate surface is sprayed on the inside. As a result, the color white and the body color alternate.

DS 7 front side

Advanced pixel light technology

The headlights of the DS Pixel LED Vision 3.0 type are also new. Still the lighting unit counts three modules, but in a slimmed-down form. The modules’ advanced pixel-light technology is the reason why it was necessary to say goodbye to the DS 7 Crossback’s rotary mechanism, which is no longer compatible with the new technology.

To alleviate the lack of rotating headlights, DS promises a more powerful beam and a longer range of high beam

More powerful beam

To alleviate the lack of turning headlights, DS promises a more powerful beam and a longer range (up to 380 meters) of the high beam. For this purpose, the outer of the three modules is equipped with 84 LEDs divided into three rows. The other two modules are for city and low beam. At speeds below 50 km/h, the beam is as much as 65 meters wide! DS further modified the grille as well as the lower part of the front and rear bumper.

New DS 7

Beautiful derriere

The rear lights of the DS 7 Crossback are already beautiful, but the DS 7 takes this a step further with LED copies that would not be out of place in the Paris Museum of Modern Art due to their vortex effect and dark metallic finish. In any case, we looked at the rear light units in amazement during the preview. Should you, as a driver, be bothered by tailgaters above average, you now know why.

Then, if you look even more closely at the handsome derriere, you will also see that the DS logo has sharper lines. Not to be missed is the DS Automobiles brand name smeared across the width of the tailgate. Previously, Crossback was listed here.

New DS 7

Something special

Another thing that struck us during the preview is the attention to detail that DS employs. That the interior of a premium SUV like the DS 7 features leather is to be expected, but the brand goes out of its way to make it something special. For example, by applying a fancy pattern that is a reference to the car’s daytime running lights.

DS 7 interior

Watchband cladding will (fortunately) remain

That unbridled attention to detail can be seen throughout the interior. For example, the new nappa leather upholstery (available in Basalt Black or Pearl Grey colors) is applied to the dashboard and door panels without seams or joints. The mood lighting is not just a strip of light with a fixed color, but is of a beautiful design with the choice of multiple mood-enhancing shades.

In contrast to the rotating headlights, the particularly fine watchband trim on the seats has (thankfully) been retained (see photo below). Seat massage, heating and ventilation are standard or among the many options to further enrich the soothing interior.

DS 7 watch strap cover

New interface for infotainment

The DS 7’s infotainment system is one of the biggest improvements, according to DS. With this, DS introduces an updated interface that is fully configurable and supports speech recognition. The redesigned 12-inch touchscreen looks sharp and bright, and features a menu of widgets that allows navigation system functions, climate control, audio and travel information to be accessed with a single finger swipe.

The instrument panel, also 12 inches in size, offers new graphics for important powertrain information, such as energy management on the plug-in hybrid versions.

Choice of three plug-in hybrid versions

While we’re on the subject of propulsion, DS delivers its large SUV with a choice of no less than three plug-in hybrid versions. The DS 7 E-Tense 225 is equipped with a 180 hp gasoline engine and a 110 hp electric motor combined with an eight-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive. The E-Tense 4×4 300 and 4×4 360 are equipped with all-wheel drive thanks to an electric motor on the front and rear axles (110 and 112 hp, respectively). Both have a 200 hp gasoline engine.

New DS 7 side

Limited: DS 7 E-Tense 4×4 360 La Première

The E-Tense 4×4 360 is the new top version and taken in hand by DS Performance with a lowered suspension and more powerful brakes. This DS 7 pops from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.6 seconds. All three plug-in hybrid versions have an electric range of up to 65 kilometers (average, WLTP).

On the occasion of the introduction of the DS 7, the French SUV is also temporarily available as E-Tense 4×4 360 La Première. This special edition features a distinctive design with black logos, special badges and a Gloss Black finish for the front spoiler lip, grille, window moldings and roof rails (text continues below photo gallery).

DS 7 design details

New DS 7 in the Netherlands from October 2022

The DS 7 comes standard with DS Active Scan Suspension for more comfort and relaxation. This camera-controlled damping system independently controls each wheel based on the unevenness of the road surface and is unique in the SUV class. The first examples of the new DS 7 will arrive in the Netherlands in October 2022. The new DS 7 can also be ordered online, after which DS will deliver the car to the desired location. Prices were not yet known at the time of writing.