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GRID App: Revolutionary Fueling & Charging for the Smart Driver!

November 7, 2023

Have you ever dreamed of a future where planning your car ride is as seamless and efficient as the ride itself? That dream is now a reality with the recently launched GRID app! GRID is not just another app; it is your personal travel assistant, optimized for both conventional and electric vehicles. It promises to completely transform the way we think about refueling and charging, and it sets a new standard in the world of smart mobility.

Your Personal Assistant: Anytime, Anywhere

With the intelligent GRID assistant by your side, every trip becomes a piece of cake. From the moment you grab your keys to the moment you reach your destination, GRID is ready to guide, advise and support you. The app provides real-time information at charging stations & gas stations on availability, prices and routes for all types of vehicles, so you can always make the best choice. Whether you are looking for the fastest path, the most efficient fueling station or the most conveniently located charging point, GRID provides it.

Saving Money Has Never Been Easier

Why pay more if it is not necessary? With GRID, you always have access to the most up-to-date pricing information, so you never overpay for fuel or charging again. And with the built-in route planner, you are always assured of the most efficient route, saving you time and money. No subscription, no account, just instant access to the best deals.

Worldwide Access to Over 1 Million Charging Stations and Gas Stations

With coverage in more than 60 countries and access to more than 1 million charging stations and gas stations, GRID is your global travel partner. Whether cruising through the streets of Amsterdam or exploring the roads of Rome, GRID provides a hassle-free travel experience. And with the app’s multi-stop route planner, you can easily include multiple destinations in one trip so you never have to detour.

Choose Sustainability, Choose GRID

With every mile you travel using GRID, you are contributing to a greener future. The app supports the energy transition and helps you make more sustainable choices without sacrificing convenience or efficiency. Together we are taking steps toward a better world, one ride at a time.

Download Now and Experience the Future of Smart TravelDon’t wait any longer; download the GRID app today. Discover for yourself why this is the ultimate travel companion for any modern driver. GRID allows you to travel smarter, faster and greener. Step into the future of mobility and let GRID lead your way. Drive with confidence. Drive with GRID. Experience it for yourself at or search GRID in the appstores.