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Going on a trip? Be well prepared!

January 19, 2023

Do you have plans for winter sports, or are you already longingly looking forward to summer vacation? Nice! When making plans, don’t forget to also make sure the trip is properly insured.

Fun, isn’t it, making vacation plans? Maybe you’re even about to leave on a winter sports vacation, or maybe you’re just already looking at where you want to go during the warmer months of the year. Whether you already have your vacation almost complete or you’re still shopping around for beautiful places, it’s also good to take a moment to make sure everything is in place when things don’t go as planned for a while. For example, do you already have your travel insurance in order? The what about the insurance of the car?

Why good travel insurance is important

Of course you assume that everything will go smoothly. Earlier years everything went well, didn’t it? Still, a good travel insurance is important. After all, you never know what might happen. Maybe you will come down ugly while skiing. Even if only because someone else bumps into you, no matter how careful you were yourself. Or you’ll just see someone run off with your stuff while you’re swimming at that beautiful beach.

In addition to accidents or other breakdowns during the vacation, it is also possible that the vacation may be unexpectedly cancelled. Maybe you or one of your travel companions gets sick right before departure. Although the pandemic is now thankfully mostly behind us, travel restrictions may still be imposed by the time you want to leave. Indeed, some countries continue to maintain strict corona policies.

Fortunately, there are all kinds of travel insurance policies, so there is always a travel insurance policy that fits your trip. That way, you never pay for risks that don’t apply to your trip.

Don’t forget car insurance as well

A good car insurance policy is always important, but especially if you are going on vacation by car. In that case, moreover, there are some additional things to consider. Does your current For example, car insurance coverage abroad? If so, also in the countries you go to? It’s also possible that you’ll have a breakdown along the way. Then expanding with roadside assistance is not a bad idea. If you are already a member of a breakdown service, check if it offers assistance in the countries you want to go to. Some car insurance policies also offer help with communication abroad. Pretty nice if you’re traveling to a country whose language you don’t speak.

Even if you stay in the Netherlands, good car insurance is important. If only because you are required to have one. Auto insurance also comes in all shapes and sizes. From a simple liability insurance with inexpensive premium to a comprehensive insurance package that truly covers every risk. So there is always an insurance policy that suits your needs and situation.